Tuesday, August 23, 2016

It finally clicked

        So as the title says it finally clicked. I've been reading a lot in the the 5e D&D books. Working up a little game for the wife. As she expressed an interest to play this week. (She kind of a hit and miss player). So I wanted to run 5e. While reading it finally all clicked in my head. Before I was  kind of meh about it truley. Perhaps just stuck in my ways (RC, that is) But I can totally see 5es worth now, which i was blinded I suppose to before. I really like it. Now does that mean I'm gonna stop running playing old school shit? No. But it does open up new opportunities to me. Hooray for casting off blinders.
    Some of you out there might be saying hey that's not much of a blog post. You know what your right here have some stuff.
Better? No?
How about now? Yeah, thats what  thought.

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