Thursday, August 18, 2016

Relics of the Ancients

     Relics of the Ancients can be found. Typically in long lost ruins and passed and traded as heirlooms. This is sampling of a few relics.

Night Goggles
These goggles made of metal, special glass and synthetic materials. Allows a person to see perfectly at night as if it was daylight. Requires a power cube (battery), that give one hours worth of use.

Power Cube
A power source developed by the Ancients that contains energy to power devices of the ancients. Can be stacked together to build bigger power cubes. Can be recharged at power stations.

Weather Machine
Damage Special, Range 10000, Sp Huge
The Weather Machine must be mounted on a vehicle. As the name suggests it changes the weather. Weather is graded as Fine, Overcast, Rainy, Stormy, Hurricane. It takes the machine 30 minutes to move the weather from one grade to the next one up (or down). Any damage is the result of the weather itself, not the machine and must be adjudicated by the Gamekeeper, as this will largely depend on other conditions - is there a nearby river that bursts its banks, are the characters caught in a storm in their advanced (but fragile) airship, etc. Requires plugging into a power station to operate.

Power station
Sp Huge
A non-mobile power station. That can be used to power devices or recharge them. Built into a ruin, it derives power from geothermal, or other sources. Allowing them to be tapped for use.

Giant Automaton
S 8, Q 2, H 30, D 12, Mv 30, Ca 2 tons, Cr2, Psg 0, Sp Huge
A lumbering giant humanoid machine controlled by two pilots sit inside the head.
Requires 64 power cubes (8x8 cube) to power it for 10 hours.

Heat Pistol
Damage 4 (ignores all armour), Range 15, 2 power cubes give 6 shots.

Blaster Rifle
Damage 5, Range 200, 4 power cubes give 10 shots

Damage 4, 2 power cubes allows it to operate for 1 hour.

Web Pistol
This gun fires webbing that entangles the victim. The web is a Major Hazard which must be overcome with a successful Strong roll, in order to break free. The web dissolves over the course of one hour. SIngle shot weapon. Requires special cartridges.

Lightning Cannon
Damage 20, Range 700, Sp Huge
The Lightning Cannon simply hurls bolts of electricity. It is large and must be mounted on a vehicle, and it affects all target in a radius of 10 metres. Metal armour (including vehicle armour) gives no protection against it. Requires 16 power cubes (4x4) has 10 shots. Unless plugged into a power station. Then unlimited shots.

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