Saturday, August 13, 2016

Amazon Stats

    I forgot to post Onedice Stats for the Amazons. So in order to maintain completeness in my mind here they are.

S3 C2 Q3 H9 D9 MV20
SK Throw (Quick) 2, Bruiser (Strong) 2, Climb (Quick) 1, Sneaky (Quick) 1, Survival (Clever) 1, Ride (Quick) 1, Acrobatics (Quick) 1
Blades (Strong) Bludgeon (Strong) Archery (Quick) these vary, assign 1, 2, and 3 to the skills. Example an Amazon that specializes in Archery might be Archery 3, Blades 2, Bludgeon 1.
Damage Sword 3, Spear3, Bow 3, Mace/club 2, Hatchet 2, Knife 1 XP35

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