Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Ave Deserto

    The Ave Deserto is a strange barren waste. A hot and mostly sandy desert. It is called Ave Deserto, the "Falling Desert" because of the tendency of things to portal through and fall from the sky. Almost exclusively non organic objects fall from the sky on a semi regular basis. Usually one to three times a week an object of significant mass falls out of the sky. Typically the size of a motorcycle of larger. Although smaller objects (Coins, pins, metal shavings, and etc) fall up to six times a day. So this sprawling desert is littered with detris from another time and place. You might wander and find a freighter, a car, or a sharpening wheel for an example.
    A cargo cult of a tribe lives in and around the desert. Salvaging anything that seems of value to them. They are known as the Populus Supple.

(Yes this was blatantly stolen from the Land of the Lost movie. But only cause one loves.)

(Oh and PS, Suck it Matt Lauer)

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