Saturday, August 6, 2016


    One of the many groups that may be encountered in Perdidt Mundo are the Amazons. Clans of fierce warrior women. They are not man haters. They are secure in their belief that they are superior to everyone. A matriarchal society. Men tend to be domestics and laborers.

    Typically they are scantily clad in cloth and skins. As the temperature in the jungle they reside in can be very warm. Plus they travel light not wanting to be encumbered or have their movement restricted. Lastly they feel no shame in their bared bodies. As they are secure in the knowledge that they are superior to all others. Warriors are dangerous in all aspects of combat. But tend to specialize in blades, spears or archery.

    The clans live in scattered villages. One Clan to a village as a general rule. Villages range in construction from yurts covered with skins, to permanent dwellings built upon the ruins of the ancients.

    Clans are led by a matriarch. Who presides over a council of elders. All of whom are female. Each Clan has a totem spirit and is generally identified by such. For example the Sabre Cat Clan, or the Raptor Clan. In the past the clans were aggressively expansionist. They have settled into a fairly permanent range. But woe be to the one who rouses them to anger, or defiles a sacred place. It is not unknown for Clans to band together to destroy an enemy.

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