Friday, August 26, 2016


    So I've been thinking about henchmen. I'm going to be running a game with the wife. I think she might need some extra firepower so to speak. So I've been reading the 5e rules. She's going to be starting at 1st level. I cant see her hiring NPC of the same level. I also cant think of why an NPC from the back of the MM would work for a 1st level character. Hell they would probably hiring the character as a henchman. (or henchwoman in this case.)
    So what to do? I think I have a solution. Start them as zero level characters, so to speak. Using the tables in the DMG, randomly determine the character like the high stat, and the low stat. give them a back ground and the proficiencies that go with it. Boom zero level character. After they gain 300 xp they can then progress into a class.
    As far as equipment. The background equipment is it. Unless they do not have a weapon. Then give them a club. They start at 1d4 hit points. When they gain a class they gain the classes hp.
    What do you folks think?

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