Monday, August 1, 2016

Perdidit mundo

    I've finally come up with a name for this setting I think I can stick with, Perdidit mundo. Which is roughly Lost World in Latin. Roughly as in that's what I got google translate to puke up. So maybe not exactly right, but close enough for this Latin illiterate guy.
    I've also be doing a lot of thinking about this setting. My initial idea was that it was to be literally a hollow earth. But now I envision something a bit different. As in a different dimension. A place only accessed in a few hard to find locations, or by a total random chance accident.
     To this dimension time moves differently. Slower yet, at time faster. Year here may only be day a day in the world we know. Or it may take ten years. People, places, and things from across time can be found here. Its a trap, an oasis, a refuge, and more. It's here you will find primordial jungle, scorching deserts, vast oceans, and cyclopean mountain ranges. Dinosaurs, giant megafauna, active vegetation, brute neanderthals, vigorous amazon's, cunning pirates, savage tribesmen, and the ruins of a lost civilization that may have first populated this dimension. A civilization that may have come from the world we know. Or perhaps just touched it.

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