Monday, October 15, 2007

Weapons of mass destruction

So once again. It was only three characters. Omar, Loran, and Gesh. Well they picked up their new cargo. At the space station in Kir-Kut. Instead of two cargo pods. It was two shuttles. They were to go back to Mahg Mar. Once there they were to fly them down to the planet to a renadvous site. They would guard the shuttles till they were picked up by the Streel Corp. Well they travelled to Mahg Mar uneventfully. They then got in the shuttles and took them planet side. Fortunately for them the shuttles were programed to do this automatically. So they didn't need to know how to pilot them. Anyways they reach the surface. Once there they don't find anyone waiting for them. Well the get curious about whats in the shuttles as they have never been informed. They unskillful pick the lock mechanism. They find that in the back of the shuttle a Hover Tank. Suddenly they see the sand moving. A sandshark pops out of the sand and attacks Omar. Well the group quickly dispatches the beast. It then that they hear vehicles approaching.

Well a ground car pulls up. Out steps five Merc Co soldiers including the woman with the whip. That seems to be the one in charge of the mining camp. She is short with the paying them the amount owed. Telling them that the car is no there responsibility. As it was rented from Ralphy Mays rental and used car emporium. The characters quickly jump in to the car and take off. They see the shuttles fly off. Presumably back to the mining camp. They go back to Mahg Mar city. They return the car to Ralphy. Who was glad to see them as always. They go to the bar across the street from Ralphys lot. Hoping to find some work before they leave the planet. As they sit in the bar. They see a group of the Mao suited gangsters enter. On of which is a fat man. Clutching a hairless cat. He appears to be the leader. they sit down. Then one of the flunkies approaches the characters. He tells them the boss wants to talk to them. So they go over and talk to the boss. He offers them a job. All they have to do is pick up some crates and deliver them to a location in the desert. 2000 credits up front, 2000 credits on delivery. The characters agree to the deal. The boss gives them an address on Green street to pick the crates up at, and coordinates in the desert they are to be delivered to. They go back across the street to Ralphys. They rent from him an Explorer. Which is a big 4WD van built for rugged terrain. They go to the address to pick up the crates. Its two buildings down from the warehouse that blew up. They are greeted by guys in green leathers. They quickly load the four crates up sending them on their way. The characters drive away. Curiosity getting the better of them. They open the crates to find robot brains. Figuring this might be a good way for them to get a robot. Like they have been wanting. The decide to get someone to reprogram a couple of the brains to come back to them. Once they are installed in the robot. So they go to Ralphy, to find a robot technician. Well Ralphy knows a couple guys and provides info on them. He asks the characters for on of the robots. Which they agree to. He tells them they should see Allister or one eyed Hank. Well they decide to see Allister. So they go to the bar he frequents. As they enter the bartender pulls a big ass rifle. Telling the characters that they don't serve their kind. Referring to Gesh the dralasite, and Omar the Yarizian. Omar, and Gesh grudgingly leave the bar. While Loran works out an agreement with Allister. Well they take Allister out to the explorer. He reprograms the brains for the characters. Telling them they are military robot brains at that. Which the characters are excited about. He goes back top the bar and the characters are on their way. The travel far out into the desert. When suddenly they are surrounded by hover bikes, and a car pulls up. They are all clad in green leathers and are the people taking delivery on the brains. They off load the crates. On of the guys pays the characters and smacks the front of the explorer telling them they are all set. The hover bikes and car take off. As do the characters. They get about half way back to Mahg Mar City. When the front of the explorer explodes. Well the character spend time jury rigging the explorer to get them back to the city. By this time it has become night. As they are travelling. They are passed by a high speed tracked vehicle. They do not get a good look at it because of the dust cloud it kicks up. They finally enter the city. As they do it looks like it has been attacked. Bullet holes and craters mar the building and road. They decide to get back to ralphys to get their robots when they come in. As they drive to Ralphys. They notice that the path of destruction follows the exact same path. As they approach Ralphys they see blown up cop cars and massive destruction. They get out of the explorer and approach Ralphys lot. They see two mini tanks. Which fire at and knock down police air cars that approach. Ralphy peeks his head out of one of the windows in his office. He tells them. "Get those god damned things out of here!". The characters tell him that one of them is his. He tells them again to get them out of there. So the characters have the robots follow them in the explorer and stash them behind the warehouse. That they had picked up the crates, that they delivered to the mining camp. They told the robots not to attack unless attacked. They then figured that they better get those robot brains out of the robots. As the brains could link them to the robots. So they go and hire Allister again. He tells them that he needs some special tool kit. So the characters buy it for him. They return to the warehouse. To find the robots and police fighting. They watch the police finally obliterate the robots. As this is going on. Allister runs off with the tool kit they bought him. This makes the characters angry. But theres not much they could do. They figure they better get off the planet. So they head for the shuttle port.

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