Thursday, October 25, 2007

So many games, so little time

Twilight 2000. This is a game I more or less stumbled across a little less than a year ago. Its a game I was interested in, back in my youth. But a friends brother had convinced me it was a crap game. Oh man he was wrong. Sure its crunchy as hell. But everything was back then. I would have totally dug it back then. Probably would have play the hell out of if it. Heck if I had time I would play it now. If I had thew time or players interested. I would definitely use the timeline from the old books. I would consider it to now be an alternate future. I bought the PDF off drivethru rpg. If I remember correctly. As I said it was a while ago. I was just taking a look at it recently. Which is what prompted this post. Far Future Enterprises has reprinted the 1st edition. Which is very cool. I may have to get a hard copy sometime in the future. A company called 93 games studio has gotten the rights to Twilight 2000, and is coming out with a 3rd edition. Its supposed to be title Twilight 2013. I guess its a complete rewrite. New history moving away from the superpower conflict of the cold war. Sounds interesting. I will definitely have to check it out.
[edit] Found a PDF of some fluff text for the new 2013 game on 93 games studio site. LINK.

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