Monday, October 22, 2007


In my last Star Frontiers game summary I mentioned that the robot the characters found looked like IG-88. Well in case you dont know and if you dont you should be flogged with a cat o nine tails, before you run home and pop in the DVD player the "Empire Strikes Back". The scene with all the body hunters on the bridge of the star destroyer you will see it there. He is a Star Wars droid. A droid that has achieved sentience, and become a bounty hunter. The characters robot is not sentient. Although he is a former security robot. Carrying a laser rifle that looks like the big one IG-88 carries.

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Kane said...

If you ever read the Star Wars book "Tales of the bounty hunters" there is a great back story to IG88. Who made it, the fact that there was more then one of them, and one transfered its brain into the 2nd death star and was about to destroy both fleets before the rebels blew it up, its a very cool read.