Sunday, October 21, 2007

Up and back

Well as you remember from last time the characters are headed to the shuttle port. Today player wise it is Omar, Loran, and Octavian. Geshs play had an emergency and couldn't attend. Well as the characters walked into the shuttle port. They are greeted by Octavian. Who had come down from the ship to contact the characters. As the whole planet seems to be having radio signals jammed. Well they all get on the soonest shuttle to the space station. Finally they head off to the space station. As they start gaining altitude. Theres an explosion. The ship starts going down. Oxygen masks deploy and people start freaking out. They impact the planet and everything goes black. The characters wake up to find that they have survived the crash. They cant find Gesh any where though. Everyone else seems to have died in the crash. The characters lose several item apiece in the crash. Loran loses his cricket bat, and a frag grenade. Octavian loses his semi auto pistol and a doze grenade. Omar loses his electric sword, auto rifle, and his needler pistol. Well they scavenge the wreckage. Only finding the refreshment cart cart of any use. grabbing all the beverages and peanuts from it. They survey their area. Deciding to head for some hilly ravines. As they enter the ravines they see some people moving around in the distance. Dressed in brown robes. Omar sneaks ahead to try to get the drop on these people. While Loran and Octavian cover him. Unfortunately they all get surprised by small groups of the these people in brown robes. They appear to be lizard like humanoids armed with crude metal swords. They grunt at them of point for them to walk. So the characters play along. They walk down the ravine. Finding at the end a small village built into the canyon walls. (Kind of like the Hopi Indians.) They are approached by what appears to be the chief of the tribe. He is dressed the sam as the others save for the feather headdress. He also carries a nagata like spear weapon. A tall staff with one of the crude sword blades attached to the end. He motions for the characters to follow him. Grunting in some language unknown to them. He leads them into a cave. This cave has torches lit on the wall every ten feet or so. After a short ways into the cave the right hand side wall, Changes from stone to metal. Loran identifies it as the hull of a space ship. They travel a little further down the tunnel. Coming to a set of cave drawings on the stone wall. The chief grunts and points at the wall. The characters look it over. Loran correctly identifies it as being a set of stories and legends. It shows a adulthood ritual. Where a boy heads to a location kills a large bear looking creature. Which he then drags to what looks like a sacred place. Where he is given his sword. Therefore becoming a man. Below this shows a legend of strangers going through the same ritual. Then being taken to a secret place for a reward. The chief then beckons them to follow him. He heads farther down the tunnel. Passing another tunnel. Finally coming to an exit. It opens up into a canyon. The chief points down the canyon grunting in his language. They figure this is the start of the ritual of adult hood. So they proceed down the canyon. The chief standing in the entrance to the cave watching them walk away. They walk for maybe an hour or so. The area its self seems to be getting hotter and hotter. They come across a stream. It is dirty and smells of sulfur. They see a couple big salamanders catch a fish from the stream. Then run off as they approach. They jump the stream. Loran and Octavian fall in. Getting mildly burned. They travel further down the canyon. It splits left and right. They go left. The canyon becomes more rocky. When suddenly they attacked by salamanders. Two on the right and two on the left. Loran and Omar dispatch both groups quickly with sprays of automatic fire. The characters travel further a canyon joins their canyon. They suspect the other direction they could have gone rejoining the canyon. They travel finding a large open section of the canyon with a sulphury stream passing through it. It front of them a bear like creature with red scales is fishing. It turns and charges the characters. They battle the creature. It attacks the characters with its metal claws. (which seem natural not cybernetic.) They finally bring it down. They proceed to drag the carcase to the sacred place. They have to jump another stream. Omar and Loran jump across. Octavian falls in again. Splashing Omar burning him too. They reach sheer cliff with hand holds cut into the wall. Before they can drag the creatures body up though. They have to fight another bear creature. They kill it off. Then fumble their way through hauling the carcase up the wall. Once at the top they are greeted by lizard people. Dressed in aprons and robes made out of the bear creatures hide. They take the carcase and give each of the player on of the crude swords of the tribe. The players travel back to the cave that they came from. On the way back they take the opposite fork as they did last time. They are attacked by salamanders again. Three groups of two, and single creature. They have more trouble than expected. One of the creatures bites and latches on to Omar crotch. Doing damage every turn till Loran killed it. Omar still had to pry it off him. Finally they reach the cave. They are greeted by the chief. Who grunts and motions to follow him. He takes them down the side passage they passed before. Which ends at an airlock door. The chief grunts and points at the door. Loran jimmies the door open. As it opens they are hit by stale air. The cargo area seems not to have been opened in a long time. They find a couple of parabatteries, a hover fork truck, and box upon box of bottles of liquor. Then they find the holy grail in their opinion. They find a security robot. It has a dead power pack. It looks like IG-88. Complete with large laser rifle. They load twelve cases of liquor, the robot and the parabatteries and the hover fork. Driving out to the village, the tunnel being just big enough. By this time it is becoming night. They can see the smoke rising from their crash site in the distance. They also see lights. They head back to the crash site. Where they are picked up by rescue crews. The rescue team takes them back to Mahg Mar City. The characters go and find a liquor store. To which they sell the liquor to. For 6000 credits. Not a bad profit. They then go see Ralphy. They patch things up with him. Giving him the hover fork, for destroying his car lot. They then ask him where they can find One Eyed Hank. He tells them he frequents a club called the Pompadour. They rent a car from Ralphy and travel there to find Hank. He is dressed in a white rhinestone covered jumpsuit. Of course speaking like Elvis. He programed the robot and put in the battery. He only wanted 500 credits. but the characters were so happy with him they gave him a 1000 credits. They then took the robot (Which is now named Awesomo 3000) to the bar that Allister haunts. Loran and Awesomo go in. While Octavian guards the front door, and Omar guards the back door. Loran and awesomo chase Allister out the bar. Who is then cornered by Omar. Who smacks him with his bat. He then tells them he will give back the tool kit. He acts like hes going to get it out of a car trunk. Then suddenly he pulls an electro stunner out. Awesomo fires his laser rifle almost killing Allister. He then admits he doesn't have the tool kit. That it not even his car. The characters stuff him in the trunk of their car. Returning to Ralphys. Ralphy as usual greets the characters. They open the trunk and ask him if hell get rid of him. Ralphy looks down at him. Hey this guy owes me money. He hollers out wheres my money bitch?! Punching him twice. He tells the characters he'll take care of this guy. The characters then left for the hotel.


Bungee said...

Clearly this post is really a way for you to shame me for not being in town the last million weekends.

We both know that our group loves wacky shenanigans WAY to much for things to work out as you describe.

That leads me to the conclusion that you're trying to bait me, shame me, and convince me to start saying, "no" to work on Sunday.

Ronin said...

You should say no to work on sundays. Work is a burden hoisted to the backs of the downtrodden.

Oh it works out that way my friend. The key is getting them to buy a ticket on the railroad without them knowing it. :-) But then rewarding them with what they want. Liquor, credits, a robot. The whole revenge thing at the end was totally their idea. I just rolled with it. Besides the group in this game is really Ry, and Scott. Just plug Pat or Robert in on occassion.(sp?) Although Pat has played the most, btween him and Robert.
Besides over all if you offer them enough credits or a shiny enough dingus. They are all for it.
In the end it is just presenting them with a situation they cant resist. This sundays adventure will start with them at a bar or where ever they like. I dont even care. The guy they sold the liquor to will find them and ask them if they can get him any more. Being as this planet is pretty much blockaded now. No alcohol is getting to the planet. Being this towns population is frontiersmen, college students, and now mercs. Alcohol is in high demand. He'll offer the characters twice the credits he paid for the first batch, they sold him. Well the characters just happen to know where a bunch of liquor is stashed. They fun ensues. I do have more planned but I dont want to give it away. But you should come play this sunday if your able.