Monday, October 29, 2007

Executioner Crazy!

Hi, my names Ronin and I'm an addict. I'm addicted to these damn books. As I stated before I happened into an old friend. Mack Bolan. Used to check these out from the library in the tiny town I'm from. I enjoyed them back in the day, a lot. Well As I told you before I purchased a couple Saturday. Oh, man. I still dig it way to much for my own good. I read one and am 1/3 the way through the other one. So if its worth doing. Its worth going overboard about, right? I just bought four more books. That aught to keep me busy for a while. Remember when I start looking into purchasing an Auto Mag, or Desert Eagle .44. Its time to step in. I need help. :-p

Blood sacrifice.
Guatemalan rebels have discovered a new way to finance a campaign of terror. They are looting rare Mayan artifacts and selling them for millions. The location of the jungle tomb is a secret to all but the rebel army, who's tapped it as its own private war chest.
Mack Bolan's mission is twofold: find the hidden ruins, then stop the pillage by whatever means necessary. But he's up against an army determined to maintain its deadly hold on a lost temple and its riches. Bolan's unerring skill in the hostile jungle makes him a formidable enemy. He's willing to face death for a just cause, but he knows the difference between a soldier's sacrifice and a suicide mission. If the Executioner is going down, he's taking the bad guys with him.

Fury spiral.

The prolonged conflict between the Irish Republican Army and the Protestant Nationals is escalating beyond Ireland's borders. Now America is being lured into the crossfire through a deeply rooted conspiracy designed to force the U.S. government to take its war on terror to the Emerald Isle.

Mack Bolan's mission begins with information retrieval. He must find out who is using terrorist threats to force U.S. intervention in Northern Ireland. Evidence piles high against the Protestant Orange Order, which wants the world to endorse the existence of two Irelands. But when the Executtoner uncovers a plot to launch a dirty bomb on American soil, the true threat- and the real face of the deadly enemy- comes under his lethal and personal attack.

A bloodbath aboard a celebrity-packed yacht leaves the daughter of a high-ranking politician dead. Going undercover as a DEA official, Mack Bolan probes what appears to be a drug deal gone bad. But as kilos of high-grade heroin flood Los Angeles, Bolan's investigation exposes something worse than business as usual for local gangs and dirty politicians.

The trail leads to Jakarta and the Golden Dragon, a drug lord with his hands deep in thepockets of officials- and an agenda that goes beyond white powder and cold hard cash. The Executioner hammers the opposition with a vengeance, savaging the Dragon'sstranglehold on the drug trade ... and enraging a powerful enemy whose mission stops nothing short of full-blown terror.

Critical interception.

Mack Bolan is directed to use any means necessary to defuse a crisis that puts America in the hot seat. Iran's hardliners are pushing an extremist agenda, defying U.N. rulings and amassing an arsenal with bio and nuclear capabilities. They've got stolen U.S. technology and unlimited financial backing by China, who's willing to lend its muscle in exchange for oil. With Russian black market weapons dealers eager to profit from international terror, the Stony Man warrior's multifront mission becomes one of infiltrate and confront, uniting him with Bedouin brothers-in-arms and other unlikely allies across enemy territory in a race to shut down an explosive situation before the deadly fuse is lit ....

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