Thursday, October 25, 2007

Jin-Roh The Wolf Brigade

Recently I recieved a Anime Insider magazine. From my friend Bungee. He had aquired it at the recent retailers summit. This is a magazine that I dont typically read. Not that theirs anything wrong with it. Its just not on my list so to speak. Well this issue had their top 50 anime of all time. They listed Jin-Roh The Wolf Brigade as #7 in their poll. It is definitely a top ten anime movie. I havent seen it in my prefered anime movie store. Nor have I looked for it online. I really should once I get some money saved. I'm posting a couple links that I think will explain it better than I. Link .1, Link .2
Its a really great movie. I cant recommend it enough.


Bungee said...

Video-To-Go has the single, and two-disc version.

I don't even want to tell you what I had to go through to convince the owner to carry it!

Ronin said...

But you got him to carry it. Thats whats important. Now rent it and bring it to me so I can bur..., watch it on my computer. :-)