Sunday, October 7, 2007


Well this week. One of my players had family from out of town visiting. The other is on vacation. That left me with only two players. But we played anyways. So it was just Omar the Yarzian merc, and Loran the disgruntled former UFP man. As you recall from the last adventure. They returned to the hotel after the warehouse explosion. Well the next day they got a call from Octavious to return to the ship. The ship had been overhauled faster than expected. Plus they had already acquired a new cargo. So Gesh, Omar, and Loran return to the "Chubby Virgin". (Which for those that are just joining us is their small cargo/container ship) Once aboard they found out that their cargo was people. As Streel is evacuating what they are referring to as non-essential personnel from Mahg Mar. Life support isn't an issue as the passengers are in cryo-sleep. So they are carried in the exterior cargo pods. They have to deliver these people to Kir-Kut in the Solar Minor system.
Well the first half of the journey went off without a hitch.
That's when the pirates attacked.
Billy the pilot babbled something over the intercom. Omar, Loran went to see what was the matter. Sensors showed a ship coming up on them fast. It looked to big a frigate in size. Loran hailed them. They told them that Yellow Beard demands they stop and be boarded. Or they will attack. Well Omar doesn't take to this very well. Billy swings the ship around and Omar fires the laser battery. He actually hits them. Well the pirates fire back damaging the laser battery. and disabling one of the engines. The pirate ship then moves in and latches on to the "Chubby Virgin". Well the crew readies themselves for boarding setting up under cover where they think the pirates will board from. Well their plan works as they cut down four of the five pirates that board them. Omar and Loran decide to take the fight to the pirates. They used the extended gang way between the ships to board the pirates ship. Once they get to the pirates ship they are engaged in combat with two pirates guarding the hatchway. They quickly dispatch them. They follow the blood trail that the man they wounded on their ship left. It leads them to a large room. Inside of which is four pirates and their leader Yellow Beard.

As soon as Omar sees all the men he throws his Doze Grenade. This puts three of the four pirates asleep. Yellow Beard cackles at them "Is that all ye, got? Get'em Trashcan." With that from a door behind him a robot drives out. It has a cylinder shaped body with triangular shaped track assemblies on both sides of it. On its right it had a gyro jet rifle for an arm, and a manipulator arm on its left. Yellow beard chuckles loudly and exits the room to a door on the right. The fight then begins, Omar and Loran quickly dispatch the robot. This makes the pirate mad as he cries out "Trashcan Nooo....". The pirate gets hit and runs off. The characters now go through the door on the side going after Yellow Beard. The room they enter is some sort of observation deck. Its a circular room with a wall of translucent plasti-steel open to space. Standing before them is Yellow Beard. So defeated Trashcan eh? Well you wont find me so easy. Yellow beard and the characters exchange fire. Yellow beard using his Electrostunner. Set on electrocute. They defeat Yellow Beard, but not before almost dieing themselves. They feel the ship start to move. Fearing being trapped on the pirate ship they quickly return to their ship. Right before the pirate ship pulls away. Leaving in defeat. They safely reach the space station at Kir-Kut. their they pay to have the ship fixed. Which pretty much cut the journeys profits in half. Omar and Loran visit a pawn shop on the space station. Bilbos Lost and Found. Run by an Ifshnit named Bilbo. (Ifshnit are basically space dwarves) They pawn off some of the stuff, they recovered from the pirates bodies. They return to the ship to find out good news. They have secured another cargo. They are to carry two shuttles (instead of cargo pods) full of equipment. Desperately needed on the planet Mahg Mar.
That's where we ended.

Next time return to Mahg Mar.

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