Saturday, October 6, 2007

Kanes Game

We played Kanes game thursday. Wow it was a lot different than I thought it would be. It is mix of Aliens and Resident Evil. Was totally not expecting that. I was expecting a wild space opera. But received a gritty space survival horror. Don't get me wrong it is very cool. I don't think Kane thinks, I think that. But I do. As I was a little catty towards the end of the session. Honestly I haven't gotten much sleep the last week. That's why. Not that, that is a good excuse. But it is what it is. Kanes taken and changed his Star Frontiers universe from mine. As his has ships with artificial gravity. He down loaded a couple different ship plans from I believe RPGnow. They're meant for D20 future. But that's just a name. They have worked fantastically for our purposes. These things are incredibly detailed and the battle ship is frikkin huge! He downloaded them and had them printed a Kinkos. For a small fee. He did that with the Star Frontiers books to. Had them printed and bound. Its totally worth it. I'm going to do that my self. But it will be a week or two. As my cash flow has been seriously impaired by bills recently.
(Just as a side note. I kind of flipped him out. I posted that picture of the M-41 pulse rifle. By chance earlier this week. Kane was totally like how did you know?)

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