Monday, August 3, 2015

A Rethink

    So I've been rethinking my choice of system for Hawaiian Noir. It's not that I don't like it. Its just, I don't know, blah to me. Is it a momentary thing? I don't know that either. But I think I want to go another direction. Old, and new school smashed together. More importantly simple. The KISS principle is something I keep coming back to in most things. For example, back in the day I loved me some 3.5. Now if I look at making a character I just feel the sense of ugh. So tedious, and level plotting bullshit. I also look at classes (in any edition) and think man, that really can lock one into a mind set. I want something more malleable. So a character isn't just a Cop. But they could be a dirty cop, a gunslinger cop, or lovable neighborhood cop. All with little tweaks that while they are cops, their are some differences that separate them.
    Then armor. Not that its gonna come up much in such a game. But how to handle it. Standard "harder to hit", damage reducing, ablative? My mind runs in circle back and forth over that.
    Then vehicles. Treat as creatures so to speak? Or some other way.
    Then bennies. Some people hate them, some love them. I personally don't care either way. At first I though, hey that would be an ok thing. I love pulp action and think bennies are great for that. But the more I think about it, its wrong for noir. Way wrong. Oh, your about to be shot. Tough, that's how life goes in the big city, chief.
    So a lot of revamping in my head. Trying desperately to put it down on paper so to speak. But life has had a ton of psychotic episodes plaguing me. Cursed nightmares of true fact reality. Pummeling my free time and will. Leaving me is a malaise. But I'm trying to work that out. Cast out the destructive demons in my reality. Forge ahead, boldly, with positive attitude in all things.

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