Sunday, July 26, 2015


Hawaiian Noir is a hard boiled, cynical world full of crime, betrayal, and murder. Taking place in an exotic paradise. Where the the weary world's veil grows thin and darkness creeps over.

A little Sample,

Horror/Fear/Sanity check
Sometimes people encounter an act of violence, or entity that floors them. Something truly horrific, weird, or strange. So seeing an angry savage dog wouldn't require it. But seeing an angry savage dog foaming at the mouth, the fur on its head slicked back by blood and gore, yes. Seeing someone shot, no. Finding a pile of corpses that have been machine gunned, yes. A group of people walking at night, no. Encountering the "Nightmarchers", yes. Reading about Kahōʻāliʻi, no. Encountering Kahōʻāliʻi, yes.
When making a check the character must roll over a target number. The roll receives a bonus from willpower. If successful, they have pulled themselves together and operate normally. If they fail they must run away or stand frozen in horror. They also temporarily lose 1 willpower point till they have slept. Characters regenerate one point of temporarily loss will every time they sleep. So if they lose more than one in a day it takes days to regain them. Now if they a roll a 1 it is an automatic failure. In addition to the effects of a normal failure they also permanently lose one point of willpower, and gain a mental disorder.

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