Friday, July 24, 2015

Been working on the Hawaiian Noir project. Still not ready for public consumption. But is coming along alright. A very small sample of what I've been doing. This is still very rough and is not final by any means.

Colt M1911
Damage: 1d8 Magazine: 7rd box mag Range: 30 yd

Natural AC: 11
Hit Points: 1d6
Attacks: 1 by weapon (Spear, Adze, or Leiomano)
Damage: By Weapon (1d4)
No. Appearing: 2d6
XP: 5

Menehune are a mythical people of small stature. They live deep in the forests and hidden valleys of the islands. They are superb craftspeople. They build temples, fishponds, roads, canoes, and houses. Its thought that only one small tribe of these diminutive people still exists.They are good at hiding in their jungle habitat. (+4 to sneak when in jungle)

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