Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Fantasy Adventure Ideas, Seeds, and Plot Hooks No.2

So a ranger, druid, and barbarian walk into a bar...

Which wine goes with dragon turtle?

Three potions for the price of one? How can I go wrong?

This would be a nice place if the damn hill giants would stop stealing the cows.

Legend has it the Bastard Sword of the three fingered hand can be found in the gully's of the Rorsch Badlands.

It ain't the ale talk'n. I saw'em wit my own eyes. Rubies as big as yer fist!

What does the stable owner mean when he say it's the "Cadillac" of mules?

Since when has the thieves guild run things around here?

Glim Rebout city of Jade, has become airborne.

War galleys approach Good Harbor.

Is the ring the hill giant is wearing, actually the Crown of Bignus?
I don't care how many fights he's won. He's just a halfling....

The local Dwarf clan has challenged your party to a game of horse shoes. Just think, you used to think that set of +1 ringer horseshoes were worthless.

Who's killing bards with their own instruments?

It's easy money, you just need to liberate us some horses.

"Is it bad when the sky turns black at noon?"
"Don't look outside then."

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