Saturday, August 29, 2015

Twilight Now

So, was really bored at work today. Saturday, slow, and short day. Perfect recipe for "don't give a rats ass" drink coffee and cruise the intarwebs. So I was researching "Team Yankee" the board/war game. Based on Harold Coyles book "Team Yankee". Which is in turn based on Sir John Hacketts "The Third World War". I find all this fascinating, having grown up during the eighties. I actually remember the cold war. It was sometimes kinda scary. (I'm looking at you Able Archer 83). So anyways I was cooking dinner tonight and was thinking to myself. You know what would be cool? What to my knowledge hasn't been done yet? OSR'ing Twilight 2000. I think this would be seriously cool. Course the system itself would have to be heavy screwed with. Radiation, chemicals, disease. then the skills and paths, packages, all of that. I think if I do this, which I'm thinking I will. (Because you know I dont have enough projects on the back burner) I will start with Army career life paths. (Sorry Marine Corp, I love ya baby you will be next.) Keep it small at first just the basics as far as weapons, vehicles, and etc. Yeah this is gonna be really sweet.

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