Sunday, August 9, 2015


    So I know what your thinking. This blog used to have new content posted all the time. Whats the deal? Well heres the deal. Been in a bit of a funk. Which I'm coming out of. Plus with my wife's health issues. Its been creativity destroying. But heres the big reason. I look at kickstarters. Even ones that dont appear shady. Give me this money and I will write this great what ever. That seems like a fucked up model to me. I honestly forget the author, I want to say Kevin Crawford (I apologize if I'm inncorrect in that). He got it right. The book is written before the kickstarter starts. That seems to be the way to go if you ask me. Thats the way I'm running things. No I'm not doing a kickstarter. But when its ready that's when its gonna get released, and for free at that. I may release some snips here and there. But I want to wait for the big reveal. Systems mostly done. Gotta write the fluff, and flesh it all out. So there is more to come don't worry. In between though. I do plan on posting some of my lists of plot hooks and other cool, useful stuff.

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