Monday, August 10, 2015

Fantasy Adventure Ideas, Seeds, and Plot Hooks

What evil lurks in the Sargon woods?

No one's seen anyone at the Cragin Keep in weeks. But screams can be heard from inside every night.

What's turned the Silver thorn elves into wild berserker savages?

A horrible demon has taken over Hagensburg. But the people seem happier than ever.

Word among the Dwarves spreads. Anyone who returns the Hammer of Norj, shall receive a king's ransom.

Times must be tough. It's been fifteen years since we've seen goblins this far south.

As you enter the high mountain village of Lathorin. You notice not a soul. Where is everybody?

The King has put a bounty of 5gp per giant rat killed in the slum quarter of the city.

What horrible secret does Doctor Davons travelling medicine show hide?

At the cross roads of Shepperd's way, and lonesome road stands a decrepit gallows from which a corpse still hangs. A corpse Which seems to come and go as it pleases.

Orcs have laid siege to Pardition for weeks. How can you get supplies in, and more important the treasure out?

What do you mean, the holy water was tainted?
Chaplin Hill is holding its annual swordsman contest.

Where have all the gnomes gone?

Goblins and Humans fighting together against the Lizard Folk?

Bring me the head of Rommel Churkan!

Johnstown has been flooded with black lotus.

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