Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Paizo and Campaign Ramblings

Well I had heard good things about Paizos Pathfinder series. I believe the Chatty DM has spoke of it several times. Well I saw it at the game shop I frequent. Holy crap! This things gonna ruin my campaign. Cause now I gotta figure out how to incorporate Sandpoint into my game. Well it wont ruin my game. Realistically it wont be hard to incorporate either.

But man is this thing chock full of awesome! Sandpoint is definitely going in. I really like the size of it too. Cities like Waterdeep I always found really neat. But so times there so big. They can just feel too unwieldy. But Sandpoint is just the right size for what I want run. It think that Sandpoint will be a recurring launch point for this campaign. The characters base of operations so to speak. Paizo released a very small (If I remember the name correctly. As I am currently away from the book.) Players Guide deal for the Pathfinder. It gives a little history/background for the races, classes. and setting. It has a small equipment section that I am totally using. The Barbarian chew, and the Earth breaker I find particularly interesting.

I'd like to post more about my campaign. But I don't want to ruin it. As the main hook links everything together. Man I cant wait to share it with you folks.

One of the things I can tell you about is my item cards. As some of you loyal readers (their are a couple of you out there right?) may remember. I created a whole mess of item cards. Similar to the ones Paizo put out. (Anyone sense a pattern here.) As I drew them all myself. The are not quite as nice as Paizos official cards. I like them, and everyone that has used them has seemed to like them. I know the DM of the game I play in digs them. Anyways I have created a bunch of them for my game. When the players start off on their first "Mission" so to speak. They will be given a sack of items to help them. I have created cards for all the items. Plus all the incidental stuff they may encounter. As I have said before. I'll have to see if Bungee can help me get them scanned. So I can post pics here.


ChattyDM said...

You could share it on my DM group. Members read stuff posted on this...


Ronin said...

Hadnt thought about that. I just might have to do that.