Monday, November 26, 2007

Getting Ready

Well the fellas are putting together their characters. So far we have Phineas and Barnaby two barbarian brothers that are circus strong men. Augustus Busch a two weapon fighting ranger. Who I have a sneaking suspicion will be played like an alcoholic dwarf. Then a yet unnamed character that is a druid. An interesting start.
All of them are wilderness types. This kind of surprised me. Not as much as the fact even though I made all the prestige classes available. Or half race options. Everyone picked standard halflings and base classes. Don't get me wrong that's fine. I'm just a little surprised. One player has yet to make his character or discuss a character concept with me. I'm interested to see what he picks. As hes usually the GM. So I know its a rare occasion for him to be a player.
Anyways its all coming together well. I cant wait to start. I've done a bunch of prep for this. Its driving me crazy. I cant talk about it here. Or talk to my roommate about it. As I don't want to ruin the surprise. All I can say is this. Its a good group builder, (with out resorting to the "You meet in a tavern") and has a hook in the ending so juicy, no fish can pass it up. It will be sweet. After we're done I'll see if I can get my buddy to scan some stuff so I can post it up here. Cause I have to say I am really pleased with some of the handouts, and maps.


Kane said...

a hook in the ending? You are already planning the end of the game? :-P

Ronin said...

On the contrary. The beginning of a grand adventure.