Wednesday, November 14, 2007

The Meta Blog

Yup, Im gonna do it. I'm gonna blog about my blog. I know they say you shouldn't. (By they I mean people better versed in intarweb etiquette.) But screw it I'm do'n it.

First my links to blogs and stuff.

The first two Whozawaza, Bungee's Orphanage, and Kanes Mind.
Are blogs by friends of mine. Their not real keen on keeping them updated. But I like dropping by to see if they've posted anything.

Now these Lebowski Fest, Hero Machine 2.0,, Venture Bros / Adult Swim, Venture Bros., Brick Commander, and Gundam are things I enjoy checking out once and a while. They have some neat stuff. I do check Brick commander once a week to check out the newst creation being diplayed. Its pretty neat seeing mecha and vehicles in 3-lego-D. So to speak.

Now these are links to some of my favorite comic writers and artists. Tim Bradstreet, Ed Brubaker, Flying Fist Ranch, Liberty Meadows, Frank Cho, and The Punisher. This list is nowhere complete. But as I've come accross them or thought about them I've posted them up. Now The Punisher site is a fan site. But it is really great. A must check for punisher fans., Palladium-Megaverse Forums, theRPGsite Forums, John H Kim's RPG Encyclopedia, The Blue Room, Star Frontiers Revival,, Star Frontiersman, and Cumberland Games & Diversions. These are the forums and rpg related sites I cruise. I have really been involved with the Star Frontiers Revival site. Its a fantastic resource. If you played SF back in the day or have a passing interest. Do your self a favor and check it out.

These here The Old is the New New, paleo-future, and Pith Helmet. These are some I've been considering dropping. I dont really look at them much. But every once and a while theres good stuff. Perhaphs I would see that more if I check them more.

Now these are my bread and butter links I check on every day. I'll go over them one by one.

Adventures in Writing This one isnt updated to often. But has a ton of good stuff. It is written by a dude named Gabriel. Its kind of an online notebook, of him working on comic/pulp stories with his character The Red Phantom.
Chris's Invincible Super-Blog is one of the best comic blogs I've found. It friggin famous too. He displayed a peice of a Captain America issue. That part of the issue had Tony Stark on the bridge or whatever of the heli-carrier. It showed banks of monitors. The panel he showed had a monitor with his blog on it! I thought no way. Thats photoshop or something. So I grabbed my copy of Cap and looked for myself. Holy sheep dip! It was there. It was no photoshop hoax. A sure sign of awesomeness. That and pics of people in the comics being kicked in the face.
Daves Long Box This is the other one of my favorite comic blogs. We share a similar taste in a few things. Besides anyone who devotes a full week of blogging to the Suicide Squad. Deserves, no demands a thumbs up from me.
A Nerds Country Journal This is a blog written by Jeff Hebert. The creator of the Hero Machine. He has just recently stated that he going to stop blogging. But the archives are still there.
RPG Blog II This is written by Zachary Houghton. AKA, Zachary The First. Who is a judge for the 2008 Ennies. For those not in the know. Is an award deal for RPG's. He hasnt updated lately. But his wife just had a child recently. I'm sure hes busy with that.
the Chatty DM This is written by a dude named Phil (Sorry I dont remeber your last name dude.) It is in my humble opinion one of the very best RPG/D&D blogs out there. He deals with all manner of mechanics, fluff, concepts (like Tropes), and everything else. Always fun and informative.
I Waste The Buddha With My Crossbow This is written by Doc Rotwang, the man, the myth, the legend. Hes a minor genius, with an 80's newwave sound track. Always fun. King of the Gonzo.
Jeff's Gameblog Another gonzo king. He is taking a little break from GMing. As he feeling burned out. But has a lot of interesting things to say on his blog. Definitely one to check out.
Rpgpundit's Blog Love it or hate it. The RPG Pundit is no holds bared. Letting you know exactly whats on his mind. Hes kind of like Ted Nugent. Either you agree with him 100%. Or your like WTF! Always an interesting read.
The Lair of the Evil DM Last but surely not least is the Evil DM. Who has a fun array of weekly features. Modivational Monday, Wednesday Girl, and Pulp Thursday. All this and more. Its a great read. Definitly check it out. (As a side note. I'm going to be playing in a Star Frontiers PBEM game he running too. I really looking forward to it. Right now we are in the character creation stages.)


ChattyDM said...

Great Post Ronin... and not just because of the nice things you said about me.

I bookmarked it for future long afternoons...

And my last name is Ménard... :)

Kane said...

yes, Ronin, I have updated my blog, and I may even continue to patter away in the future

Bob Andelman said...

You might enjoy this audio interview with "Lebowski Fest" founders Will Russell and Scott Shuffitt.