Wednesday, November 21, 2007

In with the New

So the group in taking a little two week break. After that we are starting a new campaign. We're going to play D&D. Sounds plain you say? No sir, here's the ketch. The one requirement of all the players. You must play a halfling. Other than that sky's the limit. Even prestige classes at the start. Obviously there will be some fiddling if people would like to do that. But no big deal. Everyone will also start at second level. I figure that makes folks powerful enough not to get killed by a couple kobolds. But not strong enough to smack down ogres.
I think it will be a fun campaign. Besides hack'n people and take'n there stuff. It will be fun to see how the characters deal with wandering in a big world. I'll try to post summaries and stuff as I did with the star frontiers game. I got to say I'm really looking forward to this game! :-)

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