Sunday, August 26, 2007

State of the game

Well we did not play again this Sunday. But this is all on me. I've been helping Bungee move. So I would work all day. Then go bust ass in the sweltering heat moving furniture and comic boxes up and down stairs. Now I'm not complaining. I'm glad to help a friend. But being out late and working hard made me tired. I needed some R&R. Not having to worry about the game and such. I even got to play poker with some fellas I don't get to see very often. Which was a really good time. (Even if I did lose my shirt.)

It also gave me some time to think about the game. And the more I think about it the less sure of what I'm going to do. Football season is quickly approaching. Now the guy who plays Timmy is a huge football fan. I doubt hes going to want to miss the games to play mine. The guy who plays Mathew may be the same way. I'm not sure how fanatical he is. The guy who plays Leroy will want to watch the Bears, if they play. As hes a huge fan. But other games he doesn't care if he sees. I like watching football. But I would rather game. Certain people I haven't been so impressed with how they are playing. But I'm friends with them and don't want to kick them out of the game or scold them. But how do you tell them that they need to kick it up a notch? There are also people that have picked up their game. They've gotten better. I don't want the game to be put on hiatus or ended. And have them lose that steam they've built. Course with teh game I'm running I guess I could plug people in and out pretty easy. I think a smaller group would be OK too. Hell I may be blowing things out of proportion. I just want to game. And I dont want to deal with a bunch of drama.


Anonymous said...

Great entries. I dig them a lot. I see you linked my comic research journal so in turn and gratitude, I've linked yours!

Ronin said...

Thanks! I enjoy your blog as well. I love pulpy stuff.

Bungee said...

I said I was sorry for the way I was gaming! Sheesh!

And seriously, thanks for all the help. The last two weeks have been right shitty, but they would have been ten times worse without you there to help. I seriously appreciate all the work, and the times you borrowed the truck.

For the record, I don't give two craps about football!