Monday, August 6, 2007

Out of control?

Well this week there was no game. Yeah I know. I was disappointed too. Out of the six players, one had a family function/road trip, one told me they weren't going to make it (although I had forgot that and was miffed at this individual.), one had something else going on but declined to inform me (Hey why would the host/GM need to know? Silly monkey.), one flaked completely, the last two showed up. (One of which was my roommate, so he damn well better have shown up. I know he doesn't have anything better to do.)

Anyways enough of my bitchin. You might wonder why I have a picture of Deadshot at the top of the page. Simple. Looking at the past history of the team. (which is a little more sorted than my post may let on.) I have come to the conclusion that they are getting damn near to being the suicide squad. Not that they are making amens for past discretion's. But that they are damn near out of control. Walking the razors edge. And every once and a while just saying F' yeah and jumping over. Maybe their more like the newest incarnation of the Secret Six. Kinda good, kinda bad. Maybe grey's a better word for it? No, no self serving. Realistically this is my fault for letting them get away with the BS. I'm hoping even those with the blood thirsty kung-fu grip action will find a little bit of morality. As the next set of adventures in Angola will involve plays on (so to speak) morality. Hopefully getting the characters to question if what they are doing is right? What their being asked to do is right? Do they try to do whats right? Do they close them selves off to the madness? Or do they embrace it? Charging into the abyss.

So your asking your self what the hell does Deadshot have to do with any of this? Well hes my favorite character from the suicide squad, and secret six. Maybe if things go south. I can just turn it into a suicide squad game. Yeah, that's the ticket. Explosive Bracelets For Every One!

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