Thursday, August 30, 2007

Item Cards

So I've been thinking about Paizo's Game Mastery Item Cards. I first learned about them on Jeffs Game Blog a few months ago. (Which by the way is a fun blog. With good stuff updated all the time.) I think this is an awesome idea. It gives the players something to hold on to and to use. I think that its helpful in reminding a player what they have too. As I have to admit I sometimes dont play attention to my equipment section. Then forget what I have. Anyways being the cheap bastard that I am. I'm not paying 20 bucks for the dragon trove or what not. So I decided a while back that I would make my own. Well I finally got around to it. Man they are sweet. Not as sweet as Paizo's, but pretty sweet. Even if I do say so myself. I've taken blank note cards with no lines on them. I drew a picture of the object (be it potion, gem, or what have you.) Then on the reverse I have a description, and use info of object. (Example: potion of cure light wounds, cures 1D8 HP's)We havent gotten a chance to use them yet in my GM's D&D game. But soon! As he's digging them too! So I'm making some to his specs for the healing potions and stuff too. I think I may make a couple sets. That way I have them for when I DM. If I can I will get some pics of some. So I can post them here for your veiwing.


Bungee said...

They are Brilliant! If I can make a request, you should create more for utterly ridiculous items! And cursed items too! Oh boy, oh boy!! I should lend you my 4 volume Magica Encyclopedia to work from. They are from an older edition of D&D, but the items are still sweet!

Ronin said...

Oh I can do the ridiculous. As you saw with Murlyns(sp?) Spoon. I've done a bunch of cards in the proper colors for healing potions in your campaign as well.