Sunday, May 6, 2007

So I ran a little D&D scenario today

My buddy Kev stopped by today. Kev, my roommate , and I decided to play D&D. So we worked up some characters and played a short scenario I came up with off the top of my head. Kev made a dwarven fighter named Bob (He just named him something quick and fun, on the fly). And my roommate made a half orc fighter named Durk. We decided together that the to characters were friends before the start of the scenario. They started off in traditional fashion, in a tavern. Yeah, I know its cliche. But hey it was a fun start for us old school dice monkeys. Anyways as they sit in the tavern, a local farmer came in bitching about how he lost more cattle to thieves. The characters hear this and offer their services. He gladly takes them up on the offer. Offering them a hot meal and 25 gold pieces each. He tells them to meet him at his place before dusk. So they stay at the tavern a little longer. They play a gambling game called dragons stones. Which is something I cooked up on the fly. I described it as being like a four way version of shuffle board. Anyways I just had them and the couple locals roll a concentration roll. The highest roll won the round. The games go for four rounds. Every one puts a gp in the pot to start. Then the winner takes two gp's, and the losers pay one gp each. This goes on till the fourth round. Which is winner take all. Anyways they play a game both of them losing. They decide to go the farm. They arrive and see the lay of the land. They are then treated to a fine dinner before they set up to watch the cattle. They both climb into trees at opposite sides of the fenced in area with the cows. They wait for many hours. Finally they see a small figure come out of the woods and scout things out. He waves and and three other kobolds come out. They start to tear apart the fence. Durk takes and sneaks around them to their backs. After he has done this. Bob charges the group of kobolds and durk comes from behind them. Coming at them from both sides. They slay three of them. The last one runs off. Instead of them dispatching the last they follow him deep into the woods. They find the kobolds camp. As they approach they are heard and the kobolds are ready for them. Their are six of them. Behind some tents they see something moving but cant make out what it is. Durk sneaks around to one side and see that the kobolds have a big monitor lizard roped to a stake. Well Bob comes straight at the kobolds. Three of which square off with him. Two others pair off against Durk as he comes out of the woods. The last kobold runs toward the lizard. Bob quickly dispatches the three. (Isn't cleave a great feat for a fighter?) Durk takes out the two. But not before fumbling badly and hurting himself. (He rolled a 1 to strike. A critical failure. As a quick and dirty house rule he rolled percentile dice. 1-10% you hurt yourself, 11-20% you hit a member of the party, 21-100% you lose your weapon. Durk rolled a 7. hitting himself. Then did big damage to himself.) Then the last kobold comes flying from the direction of the lizard. Evidently it didn't like him either (even though he released him). Then lizard charged out into the camp. Bob attacked the lizard. With a might strike. Durk threw one of his daggers. Missing. The lizard then attacked Bob. Missed and smacked its head. (As the lizard rolled a 1, a critical failure) Bob then hit it with the finishing blow. They searched the camp and found a bunch of gp's that the kobolds had hidden. (They assumed from the sale of the stolen cattle, or other enterprises. I just rolled randomly on the treasure table in the DMG.) They then returned to the farm. By then it was morning. As it took them a while to find there way back. The farmer paid them the gold he promised. They set camp under a tree at the farm and slept. Before heading back to town.
So it was a fun little scenario. I'm hoping maybe next weekend we can get together and play some more. So stay tuned for the further adventures of Bob and Durk.


Michael said...

I still don't believe it. I've read this particular blog twice. I think it is all elaborate fiction. In fact, you should have submitted this to the fiction challenge!

Ronin said...

Oh its for real. It may even happen again tonight. Being that Miles and Steve are supposed to stop by. And I'll be damned if I play soul caliber for the 10th billion time. I dont think it would take much to talk them into a game of D&D.

Michael said...

Well, make sure they do some old school beating down! Maybe include some of the NPCs from my game. They get lonely.