Saturday, May 12, 2007

another irregular D&D session

Friday night I ran another D&D session. (Yes it really happened mike, I swear.) Miles and Steve stopped by. So they, my roommate and I played. Miles had played D&D before, (probably not since 1st edition times though) but steve had not ever played. So I kept the scenario fairly simple. They all started out in a tavern in the hamlet of Onondaga. Miles character and Steves started off as buddies. Miles played an elven fighter named Blank. While Steve played a human barbarian named Bah-Ru. With my roommates character Durk the half orc sitting by himself drinking. A group of kobolds comes into the bafr and point at Durk. You killed our brothers! Time to die! with that they drag in a giant monitor lizard. Which they sic on Durk. But it being stupid and them not being very good trainers it attacks Blank and Bah-Ru. Well all three of them take up arms and defeat the lizard. They then take on the six kobold warriors that brought the beast into the bar. They quickly whittle them down. They then meet and great. They even place a wager and compete in an arm wrestling match. I had both participants make four rolls. Each roll received their strength modifier. Then all the rolls were tallied up. The highest total won. Durk the half orc won the match. They then settled down to drink when into the bar walked a kobold. Who seemed very surprised to see the orc and the remnants of his friends. He quickly ran from the establishment. The characters pursued him. They tried to do it in a stealthy fashion. But failed to do so. He lead them to a cave. They followed him inside. The cave was very narrow. They quickly made their way through it. Finding a hidden door. (They really a great series of guesses navigating the caves) They forced this hidden stone door open. This revealed a hallway constructed of stone and mortar. They immediately came to a door. Made of oak with thick iron bands. They forced this open. They then proceeded. It lead down a long hall. Which opened up into a room with a platform with a large statue of a kobold with a spear. In front of this statue two kobold kneeled and were worshiping it. Durk threw a dagger at one and killed him. Steve charged the other making quick work of him. They then pushed over the statue. blank retrieved the spear it had. As it appeared to be a real spear. Then they investigated the doors on the right and left of the room. They went left first. Bah-Ru smashed open the door. Revealing a living space and a pissed off kobold mage. Which shot him with a wand of magic missile before they dispatched him. They then searched the area finding some silver peices. They then when to the right hand door. Bah-Ru again broke down the door. This living space had a mage and four kobold warriors. They battled and over came the kobolds. Again finding coinage. Then then returned valiantly to the town.
I had fun running it. But I don't think it was my best by any means. But like I said I wanted to keep it simple. So all in all it was good.


Michael said...

Did you read WHITEOUT:MELT yet? It is pretty Sweet! Plus, why do you insist on the lies? D&D? At least make the lies believable. Tell us you ran GURPS or something.

Ronin said...

No I have not read it yet. I spend last night reading that run of GI joe. Probably tonight.
As for the game. Oh its real and its spectacular.