Wednesday, May 2, 2007


Well it happened last night. Aust Jager died at the hands of idiots with clubs. Whos Aust Jager? Aust was my elven ranger in the D&D game I play in.
We were trying to escape a cave system. That had these cursed idiots trapped in it. Well push came to shove and the cursed idiots killed me.
Aust was a brutish elf and a semi decent ranger. He'll be missed.


Adaen of Bridgewater said...


That sucks. Always hate to lose a favorite character. My condolences.


Ronin said...

Thanks man. I appreciate it. I got to come up with a new character now. I not quite sure what I'm gonna do. I'm sure it will be mentioned here on the blog though.

Michael said...

I'm sure once Jareth gets word of Aust's death, he will compose a long and fitting song to be sung in his memory. Oh wait, I'm sorry, he'll probably just try to loot Aust's armor.