Thursday, May 10, 2007

The group

So last monday I would have run my pulp game. But I split time with another gm. He runs his campaign for two weeks then I run mine for two weeks. A system that has served us well. Well he had some things coming up. So he asked if he could go three weeks to tie up some lose ends before his time off. Which I was cool with.
But wait theres more. The group meets up at the FLG/CS (friendly local game/comic store) Well the store is closing. The last day it will be open is the 31st. Which both of us GM's have known for a little bit. Being that we are friends with the owner and such. Anyways so this monday will be my first week back as GM. But I have big choices to make. Do I just continue as previously planned with the pulp adventure. Which I do have to admit I have lost some steam with. Honestly the three weeks off killed my interest a bit. Or do I change it up for another game with special ending. Anyways I have to think about what I want to do.
Now you may think its a sad time. With the shop closing and the group breaking up. This is not true. This is a new beginning. A chance to rebuild the group. A new location without all the politics from before. With only the people we want there. As their are few people that its hard to kick out being they have been there so long. Not to mention as stated before the inter store politics. Well this is no more. A new start! A new beginning!
FLG/CS. A group barely alive. Gentlemen, we can rebuild the group. We have the technology. We have the capability to build the world's first bionic gaming group. The old group will be that group. Better than the group was before. Better, stronger, faster.