Monday, May 14, 2007

Real American Heros?

Well now I went and did it. This week end I was trying to figure out what I want to do for this mondays game. As I had talked about earlier, in this blog. The Red Dawn using the Fuzion system was one of the front runners. Then I was cruising the Internet sunday. I had a brain storm. Ok a light drizzle but go with it. GI Joe. I had all the stats for the weapons of the time period. That being 1982-1986. The Red Dawn campaign takes place in 1984. I figured I could fake the stats for vehicles. Basing them off real vehicles. Well I prepared a little something if the players were interested.

So I got to the game shop and offered the players a choice. Red Dawn or GI Joe. Well the players surprised me and unanimously voted for GI Joe. Although the group was missing some people. I think they probably would have voted for i too. So we played. It was fairly successful. Had to look a couple things up. As its been a looonngg time since I ran a fuzion game. But it went ok. It also showed me some things I was missing from my red dawn game. (I guess now my GI Joe game)

The players created these characters. "Diablo" a firefly style demolitions expert. "Stingray" a heavy machine gun infantryman. Lastly "Puma" a scout and tracker.The players started off tracing possible Cobra transmissions from the rain forest in Brazil. They were given the choice of boats or air transport. They went with boats. Everyone was assigned a Devilfish. They first encountered on their journey upriver. Barrels chained together. Strung across the river. They avoided these barrels. Thus never messing with them. But they assumed (and correctly) they were make shift mines. They later on sighted and engaged Cobra infantry. Which they blew up with rockets. One of them did take some minor damage in the exchange. They traveled closer to the target and encountered a Cobra Water Moccasin. Which they battled. They took it out, but not before it took out Diablo's Devilfish. They arrived at the closest point to the signal on the river. From here they went inland. They encountered a cobra patrol. Which Stingray quickly quelled on his own. Mowing them down with his M-60. They then approached the area from where the signal came. They snuck up close, undetected. They saw a cobra surveillance port. This guarded and entrance in to ancient ruins. To the side in the clearing was several Fang helicopters. Diablo stealthily circled to the helicopters and set a demo charge. While he did that. Puma took out a guard by throwing a knife at his head. Then they positioned them selves to engage the rest of the guards manning the surveillance port. Diablo blew up the choppers. They the others gunned down the rest of the guards. They then took and turned the guns on the port to the ruins. And proceeded to destroy the guards coming out. It was then that they saw a fang helicopter rising out of the ruins. Strapped to the bottom was a huge green gem. Bigger than any of them had seen. They trying to shoot it down. But were unable. As the fang got away. Diablo threw a couple of grenades over the walls of the ruins. It was shortly after this two cobras gave them selves up. Which they took into custody. One last cobra remained. Taking pot shots at them. Though teamwork they cornered and killed the last cobra. They then called a helicopter to gather the prisoners and boats. Returning back to base.

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