Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Real American Heros? Pt 2

Well the joe team reassembled at base after the mission. It was there that they learned that Cobra had stolen a tank of gas. Mainframe speculated that with the gem that cobra had stolen from the dig site. Along with the gas that they were building a giant chemical laser. They needed one more component. A chemical. This chemical is only made in two places in the world. So the GI Joe force was split. They players team went to one site. While the other site was guarded by the other half of the team (NPC's). The players team was joined by two new members. HMO the medic, and Beans (Correction his name was Die Hard) the blade specialist. They were transported to the chemical plant. They set up positions with the armadillo tanks they were equipped with and waited. It wasn't long till cobra struck. Two trouble bubbles quickly run through dropping stuff in the chemical plant. They then turned around and over loud speakers. Told the joe team they could either attack cobra or defuse the bombs they just dropped in the maze of pipes and tank that is the chemical plant. The joes demo expert, Diablo went about defusing the bombs as the flight pods left. Then they heard helicopters in the distance. Two fangs and a hind appeared. So soon as Diablo diffused the last bomb they attacked the choppers. Diablo pitched a grenade in to the open cockpit of the fang. Destroying it. Beans (Die Hard)climbing the building. Jumped on to the skid of the other fang. Climbed up and killed the pilot taking over the fang. He then turned it on the hind. Destroying it. The flight pods returned. To be gunned down by the armadillo tanks. They had stopped cobra dead in it tracks.
It was then they received a emergency radio call. The other team had not been successful. Cobra had got the gas. But Scarlett had he the cobras with a homing device. So the players joe team was sent after them.
Cobra had gone to mexico. Where they had set up base in some ancient Aztec step pyramids. The center largest one had the laser mounted to it. On the ground were ASP's and HISS tanks guarding it. The joes came in with a VAMP 2 jeep, and a Dragon fly helicopter. They quickly dispatched the tanks and ASP's. But discovered the main pyramid had a force field around it. They shot a missile at one of the other pyramids and disabled a generator. Luckily doing away with the force fields generator. Which let them at the main pyramid. Diablo used explosives to destroy the laser. Thus saving the day.


Michael said...

MAN! That DIEHARD guy, or is it BEANS?, sure sounds kick ass! How did anyone come up with a concept that rocks SO hard???

Ronin said...

I've corrected the name. My mistake. As for "how did anyone come up with a concept that rocks SO hard???". Plagarism plain ans simple.