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Real American Heros? Pt 2

Well the joe team reassembled at base after the mission. It was there that they learned that Cobra had stolen a tank of gas. Mainframe speculated that with the gem that cobra had stolen from the dig site. Along with the gas that they were building a giant chemical laser. They needed one more component. A chemical. This chemical is only made in two places in the world. So the GI Joe force was split. They players team went to one site. While the other site was guarded by the other half of the team (NPC's). The players team was joined by two new members. HMO the medic, and Beans (Correction his name was Die Hard) the blade specialist. They were transported to the chemical plant. They set up positions with the armadillo tanks they were equipped with and waited. It wasn't long till cobra struck. Two trouble bubbles quickly run through dropping stuff in the chemical plant. They then turned around and over loud speakers. Told the joe team they could either attack cobra or defuse the bombs they just dropped in the maze of pipes and tank that is the chemical plant. The joes demo expert, Diablo went about defusing the bombs as the flight pods left. Then they heard helicopters in the distance. Two fangs and a hind appeared. So soon as Diablo diffused the last bomb they attacked the choppers. Diablo pitched a grenade in to the open cockpit of the fang. Destroying it. Beans (Die Hard)climbing the building. Jumped on to the skid of the other fang. Climbed up and killed the pilot taking over the fang. He then turned it on the hind. Destroying it. The flight pods returned. To be gunned down by the armadillo tanks. They had stopped cobra dead in it tracks.
It was then they received a emergency radio call. The other team had not been successful. Cobra had got the gas. But Scarlett had he the cobras with a homing device. So the players joe team was sent after them.
Cobra had gone to mexico. Where they had set up base in some ancient Aztec step pyramids. The center largest one had the laser mounted to it. On the ground were ASP's and HISS tanks guarding it. The joes came in with a VAMP 2 jeep, and a Dragon fly helicopter. They quickly dispatched the tanks and ASP's. But discovered the main pyramid had a force field around it. They shot a missile at one of the other pyramids and disabled a generator. Luckily doing away with the force fields generator. Which let them at the main pyramid. Diablo used explosives to destroy the laser. Thus saving the day.

Monday, May 14, 2007

Real American Heros?

Well now I went and did it. This week end I was trying to figure out what I want to do for this mondays game. As I had talked about earlier, in this blog. The Red Dawn using the Fuzion system was one of the front runners. Then I was cruising the Internet sunday. I had a brain storm. Ok a light drizzle but go with it. GI Joe. I had all the stats for the weapons of the time period. That being 1982-1986. The Red Dawn campaign takes place in 1984. I figured I could fake the stats for vehicles. Basing them off real vehicles. Well I prepared a little something if the players were interested.

So I got to the game shop and offered the players a choice. Red Dawn or GI Joe. Well the players surprised me and unanimously voted for GI Joe. Although the group was missing some people. I think they probably would have voted for i too. So we played. It was fairly successful. Had to look a couple things up. As its been a looonngg time since I ran a fuzion game. But it went ok. It also showed me some things I was missing from my red dawn game. (I guess now my GI Joe game)

The players created these characters. "Diablo" a firefly style demolitions expert. "Stingray" a heavy machine gun infantryman. Lastly "Puma" a scout and tracker.The players started off tracing possible Cobra transmissions from the rain forest in Brazil. They were given the choice of boats or air transport. They went with boats. Everyone was assigned a Devilfish. They first encountered on their journey upriver. Barrels chained together. Strung across the river. They avoided these barrels. Thus never messing with them. But they assumed (and correctly) they were make shift mines. They later on sighted and engaged Cobra infantry. Which they blew up with rockets. One of them did take some minor damage in the exchange. They traveled closer to the target and encountered a Cobra Water Moccasin. Which they battled. They took it out, but not before it took out Diablo's Devilfish. They arrived at the closest point to the signal on the river. From here they went inland. They encountered a cobra patrol. Which Stingray quickly quelled on his own. Mowing them down with his M-60. They then approached the area from where the signal came. They snuck up close, undetected. They saw a cobra surveillance port. This guarded and entrance in to ancient ruins. To the side in the clearing was several Fang helicopters. Diablo stealthily circled to the helicopters and set a demo charge. While he did that. Puma took out a guard by throwing a knife at his head. Then they positioned them selves to engage the rest of the guards manning the surveillance port. Diablo blew up the choppers. They the others gunned down the rest of the guards. They then took and turned the guns on the port to the ruins. And proceeded to destroy the guards coming out. It was then that they saw a fang helicopter rising out of the ruins. Strapped to the bottom was a huge green gem. Bigger than any of them had seen. They trying to shoot it down. But were unable. As the fang got away. Diablo threw a couple of grenades over the walls of the ruins. It was shortly after this two cobras gave them selves up. Which they took into custody. One last cobra remained. Taking pot shots at them. Though teamwork they cornered and killed the last cobra. They then called a helicopter to gather the prisoners and boats. Returning back to base.

Saturday, May 12, 2007

another irregular D&D session

Friday night I ran another D&D session. (Yes it really happened mike, I swear.) Miles and Steve stopped by. So they, my roommate and I played. Miles had played D&D before, (probably not since 1st edition times though) but steve had not ever played. So I kept the scenario fairly simple. They all started out in a tavern in the hamlet of Onondaga. Miles character and Steves started off as buddies. Miles played an elven fighter named Blank. While Steve played a human barbarian named Bah-Ru. With my roommates character Durk the half orc sitting by himself drinking. A group of kobolds comes into the bafr and point at Durk. You killed our brothers! Time to die! with that they drag in a giant monitor lizard. Which they sic on Durk. But it being stupid and them not being very good trainers it attacks Blank and Bah-Ru. Well all three of them take up arms and defeat the lizard. They then take on the six kobold warriors that brought the beast into the bar. They quickly whittle them down. They then meet and great. They even place a wager and compete in an arm wrestling match. I had both participants make four rolls. Each roll received their strength modifier. Then all the rolls were tallied up. The highest total won. Durk the half orc won the match. They then settled down to drink when into the bar walked a kobold. Who seemed very surprised to see the orc and the remnants of his friends. He quickly ran from the establishment. The characters pursued him. They tried to do it in a stealthy fashion. But failed to do so. He lead them to a cave. They followed him inside. The cave was very narrow. They quickly made their way through it. Finding a hidden door. (They really a great series of guesses navigating the caves) They forced this hidden stone door open. This revealed a hallway constructed of stone and mortar. They immediately came to a door. Made of oak with thick iron bands. They forced this open. They then proceeded. It lead down a long hall. Which opened up into a room with a platform with a large statue of a kobold with a spear. In front of this statue two kobold kneeled and were worshiping it. Durk threw a dagger at one and killed him. Steve charged the other making quick work of him. They then pushed over the statue. blank retrieved the spear it had. As it appeared to be a real spear. Then they investigated the doors on the right and left of the room. They went left first. Bah-Ru smashed open the door. Revealing a living space and a pissed off kobold mage. Which shot him with a wand of magic missile before they dispatched him. They then searched the area finding some silver peices. They then when to the right hand door. Bah-Ru again broke down the door. This living space had a mage and four kobold warriors. They battled and over came the kobolds. Again finding coinage. Then then returned valiantly to the town.
I had fun running it. But I don't think it was my best by any means. But like I said I wanted to keep it simple. So all in all it was good.

Friday, May 11, 2007


I almost forgot. Monday I played my new character to replace Aust Jager my elven ranger. I figured since I played my elf in brutish fashion not unlike a barbarian. Why not play a barbarian? So I am. His name is Gunnar son of Brock, of the Torbjorn tribe. He is a proud warrior hailing from the great north.
Hes been a great character to play. I am enjoying it a great deal.

Conan's Father: For no one - no one in this world can you trust. Not men, not women, not beasts. This you can trust. [Points to sword]

Conan: Crom, I have never prayed to you before. I have no tongue for it. No one, not even you, will remember if we were good men or bad. Why we fought, or why we died. All that matters is that two stood against many. That's what's important! Valor pleases you, Crom... so grant me one request. Grant me revenge! And if you do not listen, then to HELL with you!

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Red Dawn

One of the ideas I have if I dont play my pulp game monday. Is something I've had cooked up for a long time. Using the Fuzion system. I created a "Red Dawn" campaign. The movie itself is really cheesy. But I love it. So did it up. I have background info on the invasion. Stated out almost all the vehicles and weapons of the soviets and americans, maps of the unites states, NPC's,ans etc. Tons of stuff. Probably more stuff than I ever have done for any thing else. I think it would be fun to run.

The group

So last monday I would have run my pulp game. But I split time with another gm. He runs his campaign for two weeks then I run mine for two weeks. A system that has served us well. Well he had some things coming up. So he asked if he could go three weeks to tie up some lose ends before his time off. Which I was cool with.
But wait theres more. The group meets up at the FLG/CS (friendly local game/comic store) Well the store is closing. The last day it will be open is the 31st. Which both of us GM's have known for a little bit. Being that we are friends with the owner and such. Anyways so this monday will be my first week back as GM. But I have big choices to make. Do I just continue as previously planned with the pulp adventure. Which I do have to admit I have lost some steam with. Honestly the three weeks off killed my interest a bit. Or do I change it up for another game with special ending. Anyways I have to think about what I want to do.
Now you may think its a sad time. With the shop closing and the group breaking up. This is not true. This is a new beginning. A chance to rebuild the group. A new location without all the politics from before. With only the people we want there. As their are few people that its hard to kick out being they have been there so long. Not to mention as stated before the inter store politics. Well this is no more. A new start! A new beginning!
FLG/CS. A group barely alive. Gentlemen, we can rebuild the group. We have the technology. We have the capability to build the world's first bionic gaming group. The old group will be that group. Better than the group was before. Better, stronger, faster.

Sunday, May 6, 2007

So I ran a little D&D scenario today

My buddy Kev stopped by today. Kev, my roommate , and I decided to play D&D. So we worked up some characters and played a short scenario I came up with off the top of my head. Kev made a dwarven fighter named Bob (He just named him something quick and fun, on the fly). And my roommate made a half orc fighter named Durk. We decided together that the to characters were friends before the start of the scenario. They started off in traditional fashion, in a tavern. Yeah, I know its cliche. But hey it was a fun start for us old school dice monkeys. Anyways as they sit in the tavern, a local farmer came in bitching about how he lost more cattle to thieves. The characters hear this and offer their services. He gladly takes them up on the offer. Offering them a hot meal and 25 gold pieces each. He tells them to meet him at his place before dusk. So they stay at the tavern a little longer. They play a gambling game called dragons stones. Which is something I cooked up on the fly. I described it as being like a four way version of shuffle board. Anyways I just had them and the couple locals roll a concentration roll. The highest roll won the round. The games go for four rounds. Every one puts a gp in the pot to start. Then the winner takes two gp's, and the losers pay one gp each. This goes on till the fourth round. Which is winner take all. Anyways they play a game both of them losing. They decide to go the farm. They arrive and see the lay of the land. They are then treated to a fine dinner before they set up to watch the cattle. They both climb into trees at opposite sides of the fenced in area with the cows. They wait for many hours. Finally they see a small figure come out of the woods and scout things out. He waves and and three other kobolds come out. They start to tear apart the fence. Durk takes and sneaks around them to their backs. After he has done this. Bob charges the group of kobolds and durk comes from behind them. Coming at them from both sides. They slay three of them. The last one runs off. Instead of them dispatching the last they follow him deep into the woods. They find the kobolds camp. As they approach they are heard and the kobolds are ready for them. Their are six of them. Behind some tents they see something moving but cant make out what it is. Durk sneaks around to one side and see that the kobolds have a big monitor lizard roped to a stake. Well Bob comes straight at the kobolds. Three of which square off with him. Two others pair off against Durk as he comes out of the woods. The last kobold runs toward the lizard. Bob quickly dispatches the three. (Isn't cleave a great feat for a fighter?) Durk takes out the two. But not before fumbling badly and hurting himself. (He rolled a 1 to strike. A critical failure. As a quick and dirty house rule he rolled percentile dice. 1-10% you hurt yourself, 11-20% you hit a member of the party, 21-100% you lose your weapon. Durk rolled a 7. hitting himself. Then did big damage to himself.) Then the last kobold comes flying from the direction of the lizard. Evidently it didn't like him either (even though he released him). Then lizard charged out into the camp. Bob attacked the lizard. With a might strike. Durk threw one of his daggers. Missing. The lizard then attacked Bob. Missed and smacked its head. (As the lizard rolled a 1, a critical failure) Bob then hit it with the finishing blow. They searched the camp and found a bunch of gp's that the kobolds had hidden. (They assumed from the sale of the stolen cattle, or other enterprises. I just rolled randomly on the treasure table in the DMG.) They then returned to the farm. By then it was morning. As it took them a while to find there way back. The farmer paid them the gold he promised. They set camp under a tree at the farm and slept. Before heading back to town.
So it was a fun little scenario. I'm hoping maybe next weekend we can get together and play some more. So stay tuned for the further adventures of Bob and Durk.

Saturday, May 5, 2007

Machinations of Doom

As I said earlier I went to the Pally open house today. I got to pick up Pally's latest offering. Rifts Machinations of Doom. It is a trade paper back collection of a comic strip (the link is to his web comic not to be confused with the one from the rifter. You should still check it out though.) by Ramon Perez. That was published in the Rifter. It also stats all the characters and is a source book. It is a fantastic book. I am enjoying it very much.

Open House 2

Well I went to the Palladium open house today. It was great. Got books signed by artists and writers. People like Kevin Siembieda, Erick Wujcik, and Ramon Perez. I also played in a Hero's Unlimited game. Got to meet some people, say howdy to some folks I met last year. All in all a good time.

Friday, May 4, 2007

Palladium Open House

The Palladium Open house is tomorrow. It should be awesome. Palladium is one of my favorites from way back. I am really looking forward to tomorrow as I will finally get the chance to meet Erik Wujick. Who has written some of my favorite stuff like After the Bomb. I want to have him sign my book. Along Ramon Perez. I really dig his artwork in the AtB book. Not to mention his book will be first released tomorrow. Which collects his comics from the Rifters into one trade paper back. Along with all the characters in the comics stated for Rifts. Plus other source material. It should be very cool. Then theres all the people. Every one shares a common interest. Its almost like a gathering of family. Or at the very least like minds. Not to mention meeting the people behind the names and avatars on the palladium message boards. Its a good time all round. It fantastic last year and this year is shaping up to be even better.

Wednesday, May 2, 2007


Well it happened last night. Aust Jager died at the hands of idiots with clubs. Whos Aust Jager? Aust was my elven ranger in the D&D game I play in.
We were trying to escape a cave system. That had these cursed idiots trapped in it. Well push came to shove and the cursed idiots killed me.
Aust was a brutish elf and a semi decent ranger. He'll be missed.

Old School Computers

5MB Hard Disk in 1956 - The Volume and Size of 5MB memory storage in 1956. In September 1956 IBM launched the 305 RAMAC, the first computer with a hard disk drive (HDD). The HDD weighed over a ton and stored 5MB of data. Let us start appreciating your 4 GB jump drive!