Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Grace Park

    Grace Park (born March 14, 1974) is a Canadian-American actress. She gained recognition as Sharon "Boomer" Valerii and Sharon "Athena" Agathon on Battlestar Galactica, as well as Shannon Ng in the Canadian television series teen soap Edgemont. Park currently stars as Officer Kono Kalakaua in the CBS television series Hawaii Five-0, which debuted on September 20, 2010.
    Born in Los Angeles, Park moved with her family to Canada when she was 22 months old. She was raised in the Vancouver neighbourhood of Kerrisdale. Park is of Korean heritage and she graduated from Magee Secondary School in 1992 and holds a degree in psychology from the University of British Columbia.
    At age 25, Park was cast as high school student Shannon Ng on the Canadian teen soap opera Edgemont.
    She appeared in the miniseries Battlestar Galactica in 2003 and continued as the same or related characters in subsequent series and films.
    Park had a role in the 2007 movie West 32nd, a crime drama set in New York City's Korean neighbourhood.
    She appeared as Lt. Sandra Telfair in Electronic Arts' Command & Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars, along with her Battlestar Galactica co-star, Tricia Helfer.
    In 2008, she had co-starring roles in the A&E series The Cleaner until it was canceled on September 25, 2009 and the CBC series The Border until it was cancelled in 2010. In 2009, Park had an uncredited cameo role on the television show CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. She appeared as a fan in a crowd at a science fiction convention, objecting to a gritty remake of a Star Trek-like series, comparable to the Battlestar Galactica remake in which she starred. In 2009 she reprised her role from Battlestar Galactica in the television movie Battlestar Galactica: The Plan. In 2010, she appeared in the Fox series Human Target as Eva Kahn, and is a main character, Kono Kalakaua, in the 2010 CBS revival of Hawaii Five-0.
    In 2004, Park married real estate developer Phil Kim. The two live in Vancouver. Park holds dual citizenship in the United States and Canada.
    Park was ranked 59th in Maxim Online's 2011 Hot 100 List, 93rd in the "Maxim" Online's 2006 "Hot 100 List" and 81st on the Maxim magazine Hot 100 of 2005 list.

Crimefighters 2

    So I was thinking a bit more about Crimefighters. Particularly about the skills in the game. They really are not skills. They are basically feats. They help with skill like things and maneuvers. Its interesting. Like I have said previously, it's really a product of its time. Anyways just a random thought.

Monday, January 30, 2017


    So I was mucking about the interwebs yesterday looking at pulpy stuff. I came across something I had not thought about in a while. A game by TSR from back in the day that was published in Dragon magazine, called "Crimefighters". Written by basically a legend, David "Zeb" Cook. It's very much a product of its time. But, it's still a fun and functional game. Here's the blurb about it from wikipedia.

Crimefighters is a 1981 TSR pulp-themed tabletop role-playing game created by game designer David Cook.[1][2][3][4] Crimefighters was originally released in issue 47 of the March 1981 edition of Dragon magazine.[5][6]
The game featured artwork by artist Jeff Dee[1][7] who also drew the Crimefighters game character Dark Night Dan.[1]
Crimefighters was included in the Dragon Magazine Archive, a collection of five CD-roms comprising the first 250 issues of Dragon magazine.[8]

Game overview[edit]

Crimefighters emulates the 1930s pulp adventures of characters such as Doc SavageThe SpiritThe Spider and The Shadow.[1]
Character classes players can choose from are Defender, a law-abiding crimefighter, Avenger, a vigilante, or Pragmatist, one who obeys the spirit, if not the letter of the law.[1]

Oh and heres the best part, its free. Download it here. Definitely worth checking out.

Sunday, January 29, 2017