Saturday, August 16, 2008

Games and pics

Well dont have much to say about my gaming right now. My Sunday game. The D&D halfling game. Has ended. Kind of badly. I mean we're all still friends. But its done. I am still running my monday Golden age/WWII super hero game. So I'm not gameless. I'm trying not to be negative about it. I'm trying to look at it as opening up new opportunities. So in the mean time more pics!
Tasty. In many different ways.
Grab me anoder beer eh. The dream.
GI Joe, In the Nam.
An interesting SMG. The reliability of the kalashnikov action. Fed by a high capacity helical magazine. Depending on the caliber and version around 60 or more rounds is carried. I would love to get my hands on one. I bet its fun as all get out to shoot. The standard kalashnikov is fun to shoot. A version chambered for a smaller round, lower recoil round. Like 9mm parabellum, or makarov. Has got to be frigging awesome.
Jungle girls and space girls? Think of the possibilities.
More jungle girls.
Yo Bazook.
Set to ride.

You know you want one. Its fun in a box.