Friday, April 22, 2016

Sample Vehicles


   So how do I get around this burg anyhows? Well just jump in your jalopy, and put the pedal to the metal.
   These are a few examples of vehicles. Its still a work in progress so they may change a tad.

1930 Alfa Romeo 6C Gran Sport testa fissa
Engine Size: 1752 cc DOHC supercharged inline 6
Weight: 2072lbs
Top Speed: 110 mph
Hit Points: 52
Maneuver: +2
Country of Origin: Italy
Price: ₤10510

1930 Cadillac V-16 Roadster
Engine Size: 452cid V-16
Weight: 2950lbs
Top Speed: 100 mph
Hit Points: 74
Maneuver: -1
Country of Origin: USA
Other Models:
Sedan, Convertible (4 door), Limo, Hearse, Fleetwood
Price: $5350.00

1930 Ford Model A Rumbleseat Coupe
Engine Size: 200cid L-head 4-cylinder
Weight: 2265lbs
Top Speed: 75 mph
Hit Points: 57
Country of Origin: USA
Other Models:
Fordor Sedan, Victoria Cabriolet, Coupe, Pickup
Price: $750.00

1931 Chevrolet Cabriolet
Engine Size: 194cid Straight 6
Weight: 2275lbs
Top Speed: 85 mph
Hit Points: 57
Country of Origin: USA
Other Models:
Coupe, Coach, Sedan, Cab
Price: $275.00

1931 Lincoln Model K 202A
Engine Size: 385 cid L Head V8
Weight: 5245lbs
Top Speed: 95 mph
Hit Points: 131
Maneuver: -1
Country of Origin: USA
Other Models:
Sport Phaeton
Price: $4600.00

1932 Dodge UI-C 1-ton stake bed truck
Engine Size:189.8cid Flathead 6
Weight: 3500 lbs
Top Speed: 75 mph
Hit Points: 88
Maneuver: -2
Country of Origin: USA
Price: $750.00

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Curse of Strahd

   So I bit the bullet. I finally bought Curse of Strahd. Its pretty cool. Reading it I think to myself did I unconsciously crib a from Raven Loft in my Ardeal setting? Or did they rob mine? Probably we both copped a lot from gothic fiction.
   Anyways I really like it. It has lots of good points and well stuff. But there is bad as well. I think it was bryce from Ten Foot Pole blog that said it. There are a lot of lame descriptions. Example, "You find a corpse". Obviously I would play that out differently. But still, show some effort, seriously, please. My biggest problem is this, I just cant see myself using this at the table. Or at least it would seem unwieldy at best. Not the adventure, I will totally use it. The book though, just seems as I would really need to read multiple times the whole thing. Almost having to memorize the thing. It just seem like their should be a better way going about an adventure/mini-sandbox than a single hard cover book. Perhaps as I read it totally from cover to cover this will change. We shall see.

Sunday, April 10, 2016

Wherein I ramble a little

   I'm sick of being sick. The last three weeks have been awful. The wife, friends, family, and myself have all been or are sick. So, I've pretty much gotten nothing done. I haven't been able to run my play test yet. It's freaking killing me.
   On the upside of things. I've kinda meh about 5e. I like it well enough. But nothing's really grabbed me about it. Then the "Curse of Strahd" came out. This looks fucking awesome. I haven't cared really for the other Forgotten Realms adventures that have came out. I've been told they are OK. But much like 5E itself, they really didn't speak to me. Curse of Strahd on the other hand has really seized my thoughts. Sand boxy, Ravenloft, rewritten classic, it's pushing all my buttons. It's on the top of the next  to purchase list. It almost happened this weekend. But financial obligations take precedence.
   So there's some thoughts that have been crawling around my noggin. Oh, and if you haven't seen this. Fucking genius. I am in love with this idea.