Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Example of Play

    From previous investigation Rayner and Nassim have discovered that the gangster Tony Faustino is in possession of the artifact from the museum heist. Also finding out that he runs his "business" operations out of an old warehouse. Our protagonists find themselves at the gangsters warehouse.
    Rayner attempts to open the lock on the backdoor.  A difficult task so -2 to the roll. Rolls d20, getting 19, -2 = 17 which equals or beats Rayners ST of 14. Rayner opens the lock easily.
    They slip inside and start checking things out. They first go to his office. They begin searching for the dingus. They both make a PER ST check. Rayner rolls a 17+1 = 18. Which equals or beats his ST of 14. Nassim rolls 4, below his ST of 15. So Nassim finds nothing of interest. Rayner finds a safe hidden behind a painting on the wall.
    Rayner tries to open the safe. A very hard task. So -8. Rayner rolls a 4, -8 for the difficulty. For a total of -4. Rayner completely fails.
    The GM has them both roll a PER ST check. Rayner rolls 15+1 = 16, successful. Nassim rolls 3, failing. Rayner hears someone coming into the building. Rayner alerts Nassim and they position themselves on each side of the office door. The door opens and a group of three gangsters walk in. The two get the drop on the gangsters. (Surprise attack) Nassim tries to punch the first mook in the head. So d20 + 3 (Melee Bonus) -4 (Called shot to the head). 15+3-4=14 Beating the mooks AC of 10. Nassim strikes. Rolling damage (1d4+2) for a total of 4. Punches do bruise damage. The Mook has 3 HP (3 lethal/3 bruise) So takes 3 bruise damage, the last bruise point converting to lethal. Reguardless with the mooks bruise HP reduced to 0 he is knocked out.
    Rayner punches at the other mook. He rolls 14 +1 (melee bonus) -4 (Called shot to the head) for a total of 11. Which is a hit. Rolling d4 for bruise damage, rolls a 3. The mook having 3 HP, is knocked out.
   Now that the surprise round is out of the way. The Faustino smiles and turning to show off his black eyes, "My turn". This not being normal, causes the duo to make horror saving throws. Ranyer rolls 13 +2 (Grit bonus) = 15. Enough to make his saving throw. Nassim rolls an 18 easily making his saving throw.
    Everyone (Rayner, Nassim, and the Gangster Faustino) rolls initiative. Rayner rolls a 5, Nassim 17+1 (Dex Bonus) = 18, and the Gangster 8. So Nassim, then the gangster, and then Rayner.
    Nassim throws a haymaker at the gangsters head. He rolls a 14 + 3 - 4 = 13. He hits, rolls damage total of 4. The gangster seems completely unfazed.
    Faustino punches at Nassim. He rolls an 18. A hit. He rolls a d6 for damage. He rolls 6 bruise damage, and 2 lethal. The gangsters fist hits Nassim like a sledge hammer. Rayner pulls his revolver.
    Next round. Nassim levers out his Janbiya, a J bladed Arabic dagger. The gangster attacks Nassim again. The gangster rolls a 9, just missing Nassim. Rayner fires his revolver at him. Rayner rolls a 12. Which strikes. He rolls damage, d8 rolling a 4. It puts a large bloodless hole in his chest.
    Next round. Nassim slashes at the gangster. He rolls 18 + 2 (Ranged Bonus) = 20. He hits. He rolls a total of 6 for damage. Opening a large gouge in the gangsters chest. Dropping him to the ground.

Tuesday, February 9, 2016


OK, here are some examples of characters for Noir Mystery Men. This post lays out the players. The next post will be an example of play. These characters have been posted before. But, the system has been refined a little bit since then. So may be a touch different.

Rayner Hoffsteadler
Magician Lvl 1

Str 10
Dex 12
Con 9
Int 16 +2
Grit 16 +2
Per 14 +1
Cha 15 +2

HP 6
AC 10
ST 14
Melee Bonus +1
Ranged Bonus +1

Background: White Collar (University Professor)

Languages: (Native, English)



Protection from Evil
Magic Missile
Detect Magic


Pattern 1796 Light Cavalry Sabre
Dmg 1d8

Webley Mk V
Dmg: 1d8 Rng: 30 Mag: 6rd cyl Cal: .455 Act: Double Action Revolver

Two Fist Vigilante Lvl 1

Str 16 +2
Dex 13 +1
Con 16 +4
Int 10
Grit 12
Per 10
Cha 10

HP 12
AC 11
ST 15
Melee Bonus +3
Ranged Bonus +2

Background: Laborer
Languages: (Native, Arabic)


Weapons and equipment:

Mameluke Sword
Dmg 1d8+2

Dmg 1d4+2

Monday, February 8, 2016

More Content

   So I know what your thinking. Whats the deal with the pretty much nonexistent posting? Well life gotten way in the way as of late. Home, work, fixing a motor, and about a half dozen other things. Soon as I can get a grip with things, I'm gonna be back at it. I'm hoping that should start this week. So there. Now to finish some things. Catch ya in a few.