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Magic Items

Well I didnt have enough player to run the session today. Holidays put a dent in everyones time. Anyways in leu of a summary I present this. Magic items I have created for a little fun on the Musings of the Chatty Minions. So here they are.

Truncheon of Justice
Merciful Club of Web Casting
1d6 damage, critical of x2, Range increment of 10', weight 3lbs, Bludgeoning damage.
The weapon deals an extra 1d6 points of damage, and all damage it deals is nonlethal damage. On command, the weapon suppresses this ability until commanded to resume it.
50 charges of Web (as per spell)
Faint conjuration; CL 5th; Craft Magic Arms and Armor, cure light wounds, web;Price: 6950gp
This appears to be a finely turned and detailed club. Tired of losing criminals an fearing the death of a suspect. An honest, and dedicated city guardsman commissioned this weapon to assist him in his duties.
The Woodcutters OutfitIn a rural kingdom a simple woodcutter grew to a posistion of great admiration. Hes saved not only the druids sacred grove, but the Princess, and Queen. Dispite this he remained a simple woodcutter. Acepting gifts of appreciation, but staying in his woods. Keeping the local area safe. Till one day, he just disappeared. Some say he returned to the woods that bore him. Others say he asendended to a fey sainthood of sorts. No one really knows the truth.The following are said to be gifts bestowed upon him by the kingdom through out the years.

Suspenders of Strength
They grant the wearer great strength, adding a +2 enhancement bonus to his Strength score.
Faint transmutation; CL 6th; Craft Wondrous Item, bull’s strength; Price 4,000 gp

Boots of Blanace and Climbing
They grant the wearer +5 to Balance, and +5 Climbing.
Faint transmutation; CL 5th; Craft Wondrous Item, bull’s strength, cat’s grace; Price 6,250 gp

Trousers of Protection
These pants provide +2 AC protection.
Moderate conjuration; CL 7th; Craft Wondrous Item, mage armor, creator’s caster level must be at least two times that of the bonus placed in the trousers; Price 4,000 gp

Shirt of Guidance
This shirt imbues the subject with a touch of divine guidance. The wearer gets a +1 competence bonus on a single attack roll, saving throw, or skill check. The wearer must choose to use the bonus before making the roll to which it applies. Can be used once per day.
Faint Divination; CL 0; Craft Wondrous Item, guidance; Price 1000gp

Cap of the Woodsman
You instantly know the direction of north from your current position. The cap is effective in any environment in which “north” exists, but it may not work in extraplanar settings. Your knowledge of north is correct at the moment of casting, but you can get lost again within moments if you don’t find some external reference point to help you keep track of direction. A creature protected by endure elements suffers no harm from being in a hot or cold environment. It can exist comfortably in conditions between –50 and 140 degrees Fahrenheit without having to make Fortitude saves). The creature’s equipment is likewise protected.Endure elements doesn’t provide any protection from fire or cold damage, nor does it protect against other environmental hazards such as smoke, lack of air, and so forth. Both effects are constant.
Faint Abjuration/Divination; CL 1st; Craft Wondrous Item; Know Direction, Endure Elements; Price 4000gp

Woodcutters Adamantine Felling Axe
Damage: 1d8; Crit. x3; Weight: 6lbs; Type: Slashing+1 Adamantine enchanted axe. +1 to hit and damage. Ignores hardness.This axe excels at attacking plants. Against plants, its effective enhancement bonus is +2 better than its normal enhancement bonus. It deals an extra 2d6 points of damage against plants.
Moderate conjuration; CL 8th; Craft Magic Arms and Armor, summon monster I; Price 11,010gp

Woodcutters Amazing Hand Axe
Damage: 1d6; Crit: x3; Weight: 3lbs; Type: Slashingmagically enchanted +1 to hit, and Damage.Returning: This special ability can only be placed on a weapon that can be thrown. A returning weapon flies through the air back to the creature that threw it. It returns to the thrower just before the creature’s next turn (and is therefore ready to use again in that turn).Catching a returning weapon when it comes back is a free action. If the character can’t catch it, or if the character has moved since throwing it, the weapon drops to the ground in the square from which it was thrown.Throwing: This ability can only be placed on a melee weapon. A melee weapon crafted with this ability gains a range increment of 10 feet and can be thrown by a wielder proficient in its normal use.
Moderate transmutation; CL 7th; Craft Magic Arms and Armor, magic stone, telekinesis; Price 18,306gp
Rod of the Acorn
Detects and locates any nuts in 400 foot radius. Can crack any nut in one round.
Faint Divination; CL 1st; Craft Rod; detect animals or plants; 3000gp
The Hat of Wonder
Hat of Wonder4 times a day random semi useful and useful items can be pulled out of the hat.
1-3% Bell
4-6% Blanket, Winter
7-9% Block and Tackle
10-13% Bottle of Wine
14% Bust of Abraham Lincoln
15-17% Caltrops
18-21% Candle
22-24% Chain (10' peice)
25-27% Chalk
28-30% Crowbar
31-33% Dagger
34% Halberd
35-37% Huge Chunk of Meat
38-40% Ink (1oz. vial)
41-43% Iron Pot
44% Keys to a Volkswagen Scirocco
45-47% Ladder (10' tall)
48-50% Magnifying Glass
51-53% Mirror
54-56% Paper (10 Sheets)
57% Potion of Cure Light Wounds
58% Potion of Bull’s strength
59% Potion of Cat’s grace
60% Potion of Invisibility
61% Potion of Fly
62% Potion of Mage armor
63% Potion of Neutralize poison
64-66% Ram, portable
67-69% Rope (50')
70-73% Rowboat Oar
74-76% Signal Whistle
77-79% Soap
80-83% Shovel
84-86% Tankard of Ale
87-89% Ten foot Pole
90-92% Torch
93-95% Tower Shield
96-98% Warhammer
99-100% Wooden Sword (stats as per club)
Moderate conjuration,transmutation, illusion ; CL 9th; Craft Wondrous Item, secret chest, teleport object, cure light wounds, bear’s endurance, bulls strength, cats grace, invisibility, fly, mage armor, neutralize poison; Price of this artifact is unmeasureable. (As is its silliness)

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Dry Spell pt1

Well I was missing two of my players due to Christmas activities. So today playing was Phineas and Barnaby the barbarian strongmen, and Xanth the half dragon scout. I played Augustus as an NPC for a little while. We question whether the player who plays him will show up again. As he is a little flaky.

Anyways we started out in Duriks Pass. Barnaby went to the general store to get a bow. But since they didn't have one there they left. As they left town, Augustus came walking up with four donkeys. Everyone got one, so now everybody has transit. Except for Gaylen the druid who has a riding dog already. But he is no where to be found. So they proceed without him.

Well they made good time the first day. They broke and made camp. They had the drunk (Augustus) take watch. He woke Xanth up to tell him he hear something in the woods. Xanth looks in the woods using his low-light/dark vision. To see a small group of goblins about to throw javelins. Well they do. One of the four hits. Doing minor damage to Barnaby. Well the group takes off after the goblins. Minus Augustus that stays to watch the donkeys. The barbarians quickly lose pace as they can not see in the dark like Xanth. So while the barbarians cant see, and before the goblins get away. Xanth uses his breath weapon. Striking down the lot of them with a stream of acid. He kills the whole group of them. When the barbarian catch up. He tells them them must have set off a trap they were leading them into. Phineas goes back to camp and gets Augustus to help track where they were going. Well Augustus does a poor job of tracking. Finding himself in a pit trap. Not finding the goblins base of operations. They go back to camp.

The next day they travel some more. The next night Xanth takes the first watch. He sees the goblins approach. But this time he rushers them. He first talks to them trying to start a dialog. They attack. The sounds of battle wake the barbarian brothers that run to help Xanth. Xanth strikes the first one with his clawed hand. Ripping his face off. Killing him. none of teh goblins are able to hit him. So he strikes again. Slicing open the gobbos chest, killing it. Phineas strikes and misses. While Barnaby destroys one. The last runs away. Only to be brought down by a dagger. Thrown by Xanth. They search the bodies. But find nothing of interest. They return to camp. Then the next day to the trail. But before they left camp they tricked Auguatus into thinking that he was a were creature. In need of help. So he returned to Duriks Pass.

The rest of the trip to Baltasar is quite uneventful. They reach Balthasar. Its a small town. But has all the required amenities. A black smith, tavern, inn, barber, and general store. They stop to talk to the black smith. He tells them of the terrible drought they are facing. Then about the bandit Relgore Himtooth. Who has plagued the area. The noble Bootlum who lives in the town has put out a bounty on Relgore. They move on to Bootlums house after getting directions from the smith. They are greeted at the door by his manservant. They inquire about the reward. He lets them in, seating them in the front room. It is a very nice, and comfortable house. A man dressed in a purple smoking jacket and slippers walks down the stairs and addresses the characters. It is Bootlum. He tells the characters about the reward, and his past history with Relgore. How he robbed him and left him for dead. Taking a fortune in gems and a special sponge. He got the king to dispatch the militia after him. But he believes that it just slowed him down a little. Now hes using the sponge against them. Drying up the lakes and wells. They tell Bootlum that they will bring back the head of Relgore, and claim the reward.

They leave there and go to the general store. Barnaby purchases a short bow and arrows. Phineas purchases a sling and bullets. They then start off to face the bandits. They travel to the three lakes area. Finding the lake dry. Quite amazing even in a drought. The group begins the search of the area.

Eventually coming across a cave entrance, and a dumb ogre. As the ogre is sort of hiding behind a tree. Xanth tries to parlay with him. The ogre is not fond of this and throws a javelin at him. It misses but now combat begins. The ogre rips off a branch to use as a great club. Barnaby hits with his bow as well. But does only minimal damage. While Phineas closes in. Xanth joins in hitting the ogre with dagger. Barnsaby closes as well. They all trade blows. The ogre having taken some hits retreats toward the cave. Phineas strikes a the fatal blow. Felling the lumbering enemy.

They then approach the cave. Xanth scouts ahead. The tunnel opens into a large cavern. Across the center of which is a tall wall made of loose rocks. Behind this wall are two orcs, and three gnolls. He goes back a tells the others. They all sneak to the wall together. Readying to ambush the evil bandits. This is where we ended the adventure as people had to get going. Next week the conclusion of Dry Spell.

Dry Spell

Monday, December 17, 2007


The latest adventure is chronicled below. As I had started the other day finishing today. Look below and enjoy.

Sunday, December 16, 2007


Well another session is under our belts. I'm not feeling very well. So I will put up the post in a day or two.

The Burning Plague

Well the game went off with out a hitch. Everybody except Bungee who is on a film job showed up. Well the game went well. I really wished I had reread it again last night. That would have given me that little bit more familiarity. I kind of dropped the ball on the whole disease thing. I should have paid more attention to it. I might have been a little sharper. But being sick has worn me a little. But I know the players were happy. They got stuff. Which seems to make them happy. But on to the after action review.

The Burning Plague

The characters entered the town of Duriks Pass. The place had a run down feel. They stopped at the nearest tavern. The Weeping Weasel. They went inside to see a nasty old hag behind the bar and a couple locals at a table. They speak with the hag Agatha. Who pretty much insults them the whole time. Discriminating against them, as they are halflings. They insult her back. Barnaby constantly refers to her as a man. As the player states. My character really does think shes a man. Anyways this goes on for a little bit. Before she kicks them out.

They then wander down to the mayor office. They speak to him about the mines, and the curse. He is very condescending. Not thinking their was much good that could be done by a group of halflings. They gather what little info they can, before leaving.

They then head to the general store. In there they meet the owner Billy. A large rotund man. Who is very polite and nice to them. They purchase a few items. They inquire as to a good place to stay. He tells them that would either be the Weeping Weasel or the Church. As sister Sophia takes in people. They go with the church. As their last experience at the Weeping Weasel was less than desirable. They visit the church and stay the night. The next day heading to the mine. As when they points the key they had found previously. It growled loudly when it was pointed at the mines.

They head up the mountain to the mine. They get there and find the entrance deserted. As they enter they notice that their was a battle in this shaft. Evidenced by the chips and cuts in the supports that line the shaft. They end up in a small square room containing two over turned ore carts, with a body wedged under one. To east is a door and to the west is another tunnel. The key growling to the west. They search the area finding a trap. That would have released a thunder stone if they had not disarmed it. They find a couple pieces of silver ore for their trouble.

Next they go to the door. They open it to find a mess hall. Two of the tables in the back are flipped over. With kobolds using them as cover. The was the beginning of the 20's. Now let me step out of the review for a moment. I rolled more 20's against the players than I have rolled ever. If I was playing a character. It would have been the most joyfullest session ever. But as a DM. It turned a scenario designed for 1st level characters and made it hell. Back to the review. The characters had a lot of trouble with these kobolds. But they finally overcame them. They searched the bodies finding a gem, some gold, and an iron key.

At the back of the room is a locked heavy door. The key they found just happens to open it. They opened it up to find the Larder. The room that food is stored in. As they are checking out a cluster of barrels. They unleash a swarm of rats. As they fight the rat swarm. The ranger is fighting them from the near the doorway. Then from out behind a pile of flour sacks. A dire weasel jumps out and attacks. Augustus would have fared better. But missed the weasel on his second attack. Which he surely would have felled him. But instead was knocked down to zero hit points. Knocking him unconscious. Phineas moved in and took out the dire weasel. Shortly after that they did away with the rats, and healed Augustus. (For those of you that read the adventure as published. The trap that was present in the larder was more than I wanted to deal with. Especially after the amazingly hard time the players had with the kobolds in the mess hall. So I deleted it.)

Next they moved back to the cart room and down the opposite hall. With the key had growled toward earlier. They traveled down this sloping passage. Avoiding the pit trap at the end of the tunnel. The tunnel opened in to a great cavern full of stalagmites. The western wall glinted of silver in spots as well as having a cavern about twenty feet up. From this cave ropes came down affixed at the top. Suddenly four kobolds appeared at the mouth of the cavern. Firing down at the characters. They all quickly hid behind the stalagmites. Except Augustus. Who began firing back at the kobolds. The other characters attacked back as well. Throwing daggers. Only the druid was successful. Augustus killed off the rest. It was then they heard a voice calling to them from up above in broken common. He told them he wanted to make a deal. Urging them to take out the "demon" at the end of the tunnels. They pretty much told them what he could do with his deal. They began climbing up the wall with the ropes. As they did. They saw a kobold. Trying to cut Barnabys rope. Well Barnaby got to him first. Grabbing him by the throat before he could finish cutting the rope. Throwing him down to the cavern floor below. They saw at the back of the cavern the kobold chieftain, and three warriors. They charged them. Focusing on the chief. Even though he managed to cast a spell. (Ray of Frost) They quickly dispatched him. then the rest of his crew.

Searching the cavern they not only found treasure. But a concealed entrance to a side compartment. Their they found the encampment of the kobolds. Now empty save for two kobold children huddled under a cloak. They characters tied up the kids and made camp for the night. As they were hurting and wanted to heal up. During the night they heard noises in the next room. Going to investigate. They found that half the bodies were missing. They returned to sleep.

The next day they ventured back down into the big cavern. Following the unexplored tunnel at the back of the cavern. This was a deeply sloping passage. That increased in heat the deeper they traveled. Till they reached a hot bowl shaped room. This room they rank. Filled with dead rotting bodies, and rats. As they entered four dead miners, and four dead kobolds, rose to greet them. They battled them. Which again took a toll on them. But they did over come them. (Which brings about a question from me. Why the hell are zombie kobolds so much tougher than regular? 4 average hit points to 16 hit points seems like quite a leap but whatever.)

Well they kept on moving coming to the final chamber of the mines. This caver featured a pool of murky water that poured into a hole on the wall. In the center of this pool. Is a tall stone pillar featuring strange glyphs carved in it. Suddenly Barnby felt strange for a moment, that quickly passed. (Their opponent tried to cast hold person on him. But he made his save.) The fiend revealed himself. A sickly orc, dressed in strange priestly robes. He began firing a cross bow at them. The barbarians moved around to the stair case up the pillar. While Augustus and Gaylen attacked from range. As the Barbarian brothers closed the gap. They became engulfed in darkness. They pressed on. Suddenly being attacked. This goes on for a couple rounds. Till Barnaby hears in orcish. "To hell with this." followed by a big splash. August and Gaylen see the orc jump down into the water. Followed shortly after by the barbarians. They quickly ganged up on him finally taking him down. He had quite a bit of treasure. Which the players gladly took. Searching at the top of the pillar. Which the key when pointed at growled loudly. They found another key and parchment.

Which had the same rhyme/poem

5 Keys
5 Keys to Wealth
5 Keys to Power
5 Keys to Salvation
5 Keys to the Vault of the Archon
1 Finds another
The Last Finds the Vault

The map shows the road from Duriks Pass. In the Serpent Coil Mountains. Passing the town of Baltasar. To New Keep over the Great Chasm. Ending at Sandpoint.

The characters returned to Duriks Pass. Selling off their ill gotten gains. At Billies general store. This is where the adventure ended. As real life came into play and folks had to leave.

Next Week:
Dry Spell

Rambling man

Well I got some spare time before people start trickling in for my D&D game I run. The Halfling Saga as Documented below. It aught to be interesting to see who shows up. As we got hit with a big snow storm. At least a foot if not more. As it is blowing. Which can make it hard to judge. Anyways on top of that one player I know for sure cant make it as he has a film job down in Detroit. Ones kind of flakey so I don't know if the snow will deter him. I'll probably offer to pick him up. We'll see. His brother who plays with us. I'm sure will be here. Although he did call last night. Left a message about whether we were playing or not. Then the last guy I have no way of getting ahold of him. Except the internet. I'm sure we all know what a pain in the ass that can be. Then to top it off. My roommate has walking pneumonia, and I've managed to catch a cold. Probably the one that turned into my roommates affliction. I don't think that will happen to me though. The progression of my illness has been different.

So it should be interesting to see what happens. I'll run the game. As I have been looking forward to it all week. Funny enough it involves disease too. Its a funny old world like that I guess.

Anyways enough of my rambling. I got something for all you kids in blog land to check out.

If your an old fogey like me. You'll enjoy this,
Defender II
Robotron 2084
Satan's Hollow
Spy Hunter

An old school blast from the past. I need a friggin joystick though. Running some of this stuff with a keyboard is killing my hands. :-p

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The beginning

So the halfling saga started today. In other words my D&D campaign is off the ground and running. I wanted to avoid the whole you meet in tavern scenario. Not that there is anything wrong with that. I just play with a bunch of old school fellas. So they have encountered that cliche to many times to count. Plus I wanted them to start out as a definite group. I think I succeeded in that.

The characters are all residents, staying at, or living nearby Long Leaf Shire. (Just as a note in my world all halfling towns, villages, and hamlets are referred to as Shires. Typically they are named after the founder or a local landmark.) They are all halflings.

Allow me to introduce them. Phineas, and Bartleby the barbarian brothers. Who are circus strongmen (or would stronghalflings be more appropriate?) that happen to be staying in Long Leaf after being on the road performing. Gaylen the druid tends a small sacred grove not to far from the shire. Agustus Busch the ranger typically prowls the woodlands around the shire. Coming to town for supplies, to trade, and to get drunk in the tavern/inn. Lastly is Zanth. A half dragon, halfling scout. Yet another wilderness explorer. They are all gathered together by the town. Save for Zanth. To whom a messenger has been sent. (The player arrived late so he was inserted into the game later.)

They were addressed by the mayor of the shire, Vartan Keghart. He told them how a series of murders have been committed on the outskirts of the shire in the last two weeks. As the only adventurer types in the shire he asks the characters to help there shire and find this killer and bring the individual to justice. They have no money to pay the characters. But they do offer them a bag on items to help them. As well as the gratitude of their people. They except and are given the bag. It contains three potions of cure light wounds, a vial of holy water, a alchemical silver sickle, and a black iron hand axe.

Well after distributing the items amongst them selves. They headed to the scene of the last murder. Which is a ten minute walk outside of the shire. They came to it. A small one room cabin. The front door wide open. Well Bartleby and Gaylen investigate the house. While Phineas and Augustus search out side. Inside Bartleby and Gaylen find the cabin filled with common drab items. Nothing of real value. Nor does it look like anything has been taken. Though it is obvious that a struggle has taken place. A large pool of blood is in the middle of floor. The body having been taken care of by the towns folk. After a closer examination. It appears a part of the pool looks like has been mopped up with a cloth. Outside Augustus finds a set of small footprints (about halfling sized.) leading off into the woods. It appears to him that the footprints head in the direction of Tarin.

The hamlet of Tarin was a human settlement. It was abandoned thirty years ago. An evil druid plagued the land. This druid was eventually hunted down and killed. But the blight he had visited on the land lasted longer than the people could wait. So they abandoned the hamlet.

Anyways Augustus and Phineas go in the house and tell the others what they found. The group travels to the hamlet of Tarin. Which is about an hour and a half, two hour walk. They arrive at the abandoned hamlet. Augustus tracks the footprints to the old mill. The old mill (as well as the rest of the building left in the hamlet) has its windows boarded up.

They walk up to the porch and the front door of the mill. They try the door. Its locked. Bartleby puts his shoulder into the door. Battering it to bits. As they enter Gaylen casts light onto his quarter staff. Lighting up the room. As it is pitch black in the mill. They all enter the front room finding it completely empty. Save for the counter at the back of the room. Where there is a door located. They check it out and find it unlocked.

They open it and enter the room. They find the mills old machinery, piles of bags, a cluster of barrels and a stair case up ward. The machinery looks like it hasn't worked in decades. Augustus starts to the stairs while Bartleby checks out the cluster of barrels. Well Bartleby cracks out a barrel to find it half full of moldy corn and rats. Which pore out and attack having been disturbed. Well the players make quick work of the rats.

They continue to check out the rest of the room. Agustus heads up the stairs (Missing a spot check) he triggers a trap. A barrel swings down on ropes nearly hitting Augustus. He checks out the barrel that has swung to a rest. It would appear to be full of rocks or some other kind of debris. Well before August can continue up the stairs.

The party hears a noise out in the front room of the mill. The party save for Augustus who stays on the stairs lighting a torch. Readies itself by the door to the front room. When they see and hear Zanth. Whom they recognize from the shire. Its hard to forget him. Being a half dragon and all. Well as the rest of teh group regrouped. Agustus headed up to the top of stairs.

As he reached the top. A sling stone bullets whips past Augustus. Nearly hitting him. Impacting the wall behind. Splintering the wood leaving a divit. This is obvuiously not a normal bullet. Augustus runs for cover behind a pile up moldy flour bags. Next up the top is Bartleby. Who happens to be missed by teh attacker as well. (Man, these guys got lucky.) Gaylen had followed up behind, Bartleby. With his staff held up tall. Providing light to the room. Bartleby spots the attacker. He stands behind some of the mill equipment.

A gnarled little man. With a maw full of long pointed teeth. Wearing a blood red cap. Bartleby charges the attacker. the rest of the gang runs up stairs. Bartleby squares off with the red caped assailant. The attacker switching to a large scythe attacks Bartleby first. Hitting him, causing a massive wound. Bartleby strikes him back. (He rolls a natural 20, critical hit. Doing massive damage himself.) Augustus from his posistion behind the bags shoots at the attacker. The arrow strikes true. But falls, doing absolutely no damage to the red cap. By this time the rest of the group moves to surround teh redcap. It attacks bartleby again missing him. Bartleby attacks back. Striking him back. Doing a small amount of damage. Agustus tries to shoot him again with an arrow. He misses, hitting Bartleby. But does no damage. Zanth strikes the redcap with his dagger. Finishing off the redcap. It falls to the ground. Quickly turns gray, and turns to dust. Leaving only his red cap, a pouch, and a single tooth.

Phineas grabs the hat. While Gaylen takes the tooth, and pouch. The pouch contains twenty five gold, and thirty one silver pieces. The room contains more piles of sacks and barrels. On the side wall there is a ladder leading up to what appears to be an attic. The characters search the room. Finding much teh same that they did below. Moldy flour and corn.

Zanth with Gaylen, and Bartleby head up the ladder. They find a pile of sacks containing moldy flour and a barrel of moldy corn. Zanth notices that the barrel has a false bottom. They smash it open. Inside they find. A big silver key, with a dragon head on it. With that they find a map. On the top it says,

5 Keys
5 Keys to Wealth
5 Keys to Power
5 Keys to Salvation
5 Keys to the Vault of the Archon
1 Finds Another
The Last Finds the Vault

Below that is a map showing the Hamlet of Tarin. With the trail to Duricks Pass highlighted.

They take this and head back to the shire. As they enter the shire they are greated by mayor Keghart and some of the residents. They speak with them. Telling them of what happened. They tell the Vartan of the creature that they battled, and show him the tooth. He tells them it sounds like they fought a redcap. An evil fey/fairy. They ask him about Duriks Pass and Archon. He tells them that Duriks pass is home to a silver mine. Archon sounds familiar to him. From one of his uncles books. He invites them to his house for drinks and to check out the book. So they go with him. His house is a very lavish and well apointed. They chat and have a drink while he finds the book. He does and showit to them. Its written half in common, and half in some unknown tounge. What they can gleem from it. Is that Archon was a sorcerer king from centuries ago. Well the group decides that they will go to Duriks pass in the morning. Vartan tells them that they can stay at the Inn he'll pick up the tab. In thanks for saving the town from the murdering redcap.

So they move to the tavern/inn, Lysandras. Save for Gaylen who retreats to his sacred grove. They enter and com into the common room. They are greeted by Lysandra. "So Phineas, Bartleby have you come to stay with us again?" They say yes. She gives them the rooms they had before. They go imediately to bed. Augustus sits at his normal table. As when he comes to town he always comes here to drink. He has never rented a room though. As everytime hes come here, hes passed out at the table. Zanth stays and drinks with him, till Augustus passes out. Zanth gets up to leave. Lysandra comes up to him as he is the last person in the common room. She offers hims a room. Hes hesitent. But she insists. Telling him she doesnt care that hes different. That he welcome here. Basically showing him real kindness. Something that he has not seen in a while.

The next day they gather together at the tavern. Then head off to Duriks pass. The first day is very uneventful. That night though is different. As Zanth keeps watch. He is attacked by plant like creatures. (Twig Blights) He hollers waking everyone up. Except for Phineas. Who is still fast asleep. Zanth attackes with his claws ripping out the midsection of one of the creatures. Apparently killing it. Gaylen pokes Phineas with his staff waking him up. Augustus attacks the creature missing it. But Bartleby strikes true. Killing the creature. They search around, but find no more of the creatures. Phineas in disgust goes back to sleep. While the rest throw the bodies on the fire. Which burn hot and produce a stinky black smoke.

The next day as they travel along the trail. They encounter a boar, rooting around a tree. Being very territorial. Its charges the characters. Well they make short work of the boar. They cut up the boar, adding it to their supplies.

Several days later, as they are almost to Duriks Pass. They encounter a group of people. They all seem very sickly, and are carrying what appears as all their worldly possetions on there backs, and in carts. They stop and talk to them. They tell them they are leaving Duriks pass as the mine is cursed. That they are all sick, and that their is a great evil there. Even though they are refugees, and sickly. They still talk down a little to the group. Being that they are just little halflings. Well they part ways with the refugees, and finally arrive at Duricks Pass. Thats where we left off.

Next time, The Burning Plague.

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Sunday, December 2, 2007

Mekton Z

Once again so many games so little time. I've known about Mekton Zeta for a long time now. But I've just never really had the opportunity to check it out. Oh, man. I wish I had looked at it sooner. It was like reminiscing with an old friend. It uses the interlock system. Which powers Cyber Punk 2020. Which is a game/system, I was heavily into after high school. It was my favorite. My buddy Dennis and I played it a bunch. Anyways so it was really instantly familiar. It even has life paths like the old CP202o. Which is fun. It definitely looks the way to go for a mecha game. I think this will work better for mecha/anime than other systems I have. I found this hidden gem browsing the used section at the local game store. Its in fantastic condition. Scooped it up for five bucks! Win! Now, if I can only find some time to play it.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Paizo and Campaign Ramblings

Well I had heard good things about Paizos Pathfinder series. I believe the Chatty DM has spoke of it several times. Well I saw it at the game shop I frequent. Holy crap! This things gonna ruin my campaign. Cause now I gotta figure out how to incorporate Sandpoint into my game. Well it wont ruin my game. Realistically it wont be hard to incorporate either.

But man is this thing chock full of awesome! Sandpoint is definitely going in. I really like the size of it too. Cities like Waterdeep I always found really neat. But so times there so big. They can just feel too unwieldy. But Sandpoint is just the right size for what I want run. It think that Sandpoint will be a recurring launch point for this campaign. The characters base of operations so to speak. Paizo released a very small (If I remember the name correctly. As I am currently away from the book.) Players Guide deal for the Pathfinder. It gives a little history/background for the races, classes. and setting. It has a small equipment section that I am totally using. The Barbarian chew, and the Earth breaker I find particularly interesting.

I'd like to post more about my campaign. But I don't want to ruin it. As the main hook links everything together. Man I cant wait to share it with you folks.

One of the things I can tell you about is my item cards. As some of you loyal readers (their are a couple of you out there right?) may remember. I created a whole mess of item cards. Similar to the ones Paizo put out. (Anyone sense a pattern here.) As I drew them all myself. The are not quite as nice as Paizos official cards. I like them, and everyone that has used them has seemed to like them. I know the DM of the game I play in digs them. Anyways I have created a bunch of them for my game. When the players start off on their first "Mission" so to speak. They will be given a sack of items to help them. I have created cards for all the items. Plus all the incidental stuff they may encounter. As I have said before. I'll have to see if Bungee can help me get them scanned. So I can post pics here.

Monday, November 26, 2007

Getting Ready

Well the fellas are putting together their characters. So far we have Phineas and Barnaby two barbarian brothers that are circus strong men. Augustus Busch a two weapon fighting ranger. Who I have a sneaking suspicion will be played like an alcoholic dwarf. Then a yet unnamed character that is a druid. An interesting start.
All of them are wilderness types. This kind of surprised me. Not as much as the fact even though I made all the prestige classes available. Or half race options. Everyone picked standard halflings and base classes. Don't get me wrong that's fine. I'm just a little surprised. One player has yet to make his character or discuss a character concept with me. I'm interested to see what he picks. As hes usually the GM. So I know its a rare occasion for him to be a player.
Anyways its all coming together well. I cant wait to start. I've done a bunch of prep for this. Its driving me crazy. I cant talk about it here. Or talk to my roommate about it. As I don't want to ruin the surprise. All I can say is this. Its a good group builder, (with out resorting to the "You meet in a tavern") and has a hook in the ending so juicy, no fish can pass it up. It will be sweet. After we're done I'll see if I can get my buddy to scan some stuff so I can post it up here. Cause I have to say I am really pleased with some of the handouts, and maps.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

In with the New

So the group in taking a little two week break. After that we are starting a new campaign. We're going to play D&D. Sounds plain you say? No sir, here's the ketch. The one requirement of all the players. You must play a halfling. Other than that sky's the limit. Even prestige classes at the start. Obviously there will be some fiddling if people would like to do that. But no big deal. Everyone will also start at second level. I figure that makes folks powerful enough not to get killed by a couple kobolds. But not strong enough to smack down ogres.
I think it will be a fun campaign. Besides hack'n people and take'n there stuff. It will be fun to see how the characters deal with wandering in a big world. I'll try to post summaries and stuff as I did with the star frontiers game. I got to say I'm really looking forward to this game! :-)

Sunday, November 18, 2007

The End

This is the end
Beautiful friend
This is the end
My only friend, the end

The End, The Doors

Well I have decided, and it has been done. Today was the final session of this section of the Star Frontiers game. I'm putting it on hold for a little bit. I can feel the excitement fading. I don't want that. I can tell at least one of my players is disappointed. But I don't want it to turn in to a chore. Or have it blow up and disintegrate. I will come back to it. But I need some time off of it. To recharge the batteries.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

The meta blog pt2

This is my list of links to RPG companies.
RPG Sites
Arc Dream Publishing
Atlas Games
Cubicle 7 Entertainment
Deep 7
Eden Studios
FanPro games
Kenzer and Company
Mongoose Publishing
Palladium Books
R. Talsorian Games
Steve Jackson Games
West End Games
Wizards of the Coast

I got to be missing something. Anyone out there in blog land got some links and/or suggestions you wants to share?

No really I swear!

I will post the game log from last sundays Star Frontiers game. I've just lacked the will as of late to do it. But it will happen. For those of you following along at home. The corporate war heats up as Mahg Mar City is invaded by the rival factions. Not to mention a new faction rears its head. Will the characters be sinners or saints. Who will be the ultimate victor of the corporate war?!

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

The Meta Blog

Yup, Im gonna do it. I'm gonna blog about my blog. I know they say you shouldn't. (By they I mean people better versed in intarweb etiquette.) But screw it I'm do'n it.

First my links to blogs and stuff.

The first two Whozawaza, Bungee's Orphanage, and Kanes Mind.
Are blogs by friends of mine. Their not real keen on keeping them updated. But I like dropping by to see if they've posted anything.

Now these Lebowski Fest, Hero Machine 2.0,, Venture Bros / Adult Swim, Venture Bros., Brick Commander, and Gundam are things I enjoy checking out once and a while. They have some neat stuff. I do check Brick commander once a week to check out the newst creation being diplayed. Its pretty neat seeing mecha and vehicles in 3-lego-D. So to speak.

Now these are links to some of my favorite comic writers and artists. Tim Bradstreet, Ed Brubaker, Flying Fist Ranch, Liberty Meadows, Frank Cho, and The Punisher. This list is nowhere complete. But as I've come accross them or thought about them I've posted them up. Now The Punisher site is a fan site. But it is really great. A must check for punisher fans., Palladium-Megaverse Forums, theRPGsite Forums, John H Kim's RPG Encyclopedia, The Blue Room, Star Frontiers Revival,, Star Frontiersman, and Cumberland Games & Diversions. These are the forums and rpg related sites I cruise. I have really been involved with the Star Frontiers Revival site. Its a fantastic resource. If you played SF back in the day or have a passing interest. Do your self a favor and check it out.

These here The Old is the New New, paleo-future, and Pith Helmet. These are some I've been considering dropping. I dont really look at them much. But every once and a while theres good stuff. Perhaphs I would see that more if I check them more.

Now these are my bread and butter links I check on every day. I'll go over them one by one.

Adventures in Writing This one isnt updated to often. But has a ton of good stuff. It is written by a dude named Gabriel. Its kind of an online notebook, of him working on comic/pulp stories with his character The Red Phantom.
Chris's Invincible Super-Blog is one of the best comic blogs I've found. It friggin famous too. He displayed a peice of a Captain America issue. That part of the issue had Tony Stark on the bridge or whatever of the heli-carrier. It showed banks of monitors. The panel he showed had a monitor with his blog on it! I thought no way. Thats photoshop or something. So I grabbed my copy of Cap and looked for myself. Holy sheep dip! It was there. It was no photoshop hoax. A sure sign of awesomeness. That and pics of people in the comics being kicked in the face.
Daves Long Box This is the other one of my favorite comic blogs. We share a similar taste in a few things. Besides anyone who devotes a full week of blogging to the Suicide Squad. Deserves, no demands a thumbs up from me.
A Nerds Country Journal This is a blog written by Jeff Hebert. The creator of the Hero Machine. He has just recently stated that he going to stop blogging. But the archives are still there.
RPG Blog II This is written by Zachary Houghton. AKA, Zachary The First. Who is a judge for the 2008 Ennies. For those not in the know. Is an award deal for RPG's. He hasnt updated lately. But his wife just had a child recently. I'm sure hes busy with that.
the Chatty DM This is written by a dude named Phil (Sorry I dont remeber your last name dude.) It is in my humble opinion one of the very best RPG/D&D blogs out there. He deals with all manner of mechanics, fluff, concepts (like Tropes), and everything else. Always fun and informative.
I Waste The Buddha With My Crossbow This is written by Doc Rotwang, the man, the myth, the legend. Hes a minor genius, with an 80's newwave sound track. Always fun. King of the Gonzo.
Jeff's Gameblog Another gonzo king. He is taking a little break from GMing. As he feeling burned out. But has a lot of interesting things to say on his blog. Definitely one to check out.
Rpgpundit's Blog Love it or hate it. The RPG Pundit is no holds bared. Letting you know exactly whats on his mind. Hes kind of like Ted Nugent. Either you agree with him 100%. Or your like WTF! Always an interesting read.
The Lair of the Evil DM Last but surely not least is the Evil DM. Who has a fun array of weekly features. Modivational Monday, Wednesday Girl, and Pulp Thursday. All this and more. Its a great read. Definitly check it out. (As a side note. I'm going to be playing in a Star Frontiers PBEM game he running too. I really looking forward to it. Right now we are in the character creation stages.)

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Some things to share

Thought I would share some of the stuff I posted on the Star Frontiers Revival site.

Interstar Weaponry underbarrel add-ons

Interstar Weaponry UBGL-1 Under Barrel Grenade Launcher
Cost: 600, Wgt: 3kg, Damage: As Grenade, Ammo: 1, Rate: 1/2, Defense: RS check,
Description: Just as it says a grenade launcher that can be mounted underneath the barrel of any laser, gyrojet, or automatic rifle.

Interstar Weaponry UBL-3
Cost: 600, Wgt: 1kg, Damage: 1d10 per SEU, Ammo: SEU, SEU 1-10, Rate: 2, Defense: Albedo,
Description: A laser pistol pod that can be mounted underneath a rifle barrel. Gives the soldier an option of a different weapon system. To deal with different defenses, and/or tagets. Uses standard power clips. Can be mounted underneath the barrel of any laser, gyrojet, or automatic rifle.

Interstar Weaponry UBG-1A
Cost: 200, Wgt: 1kg, Damage: 2d10, Ammo: 10, Rate: 3, Defense: Inertia,
Description: A gyrojet pistol pod that can be mounted underneath a rifle barrel. Gives the soldier an option of a different weapon system. To deal with different defenses, and/or targets. Uses standard pistol jetclips. Can be mounted underneath the barrel of any laser, gyrojet, or automatic rifle.

Interstar Weaponry UBSS-1
Cost: 500, Wgt: 1kg, Damage: Stun, Ammo: SEU, SEU: 2, Rate: 1, Defense: Sonic/A-S,
Description: A sonic stunner pod that can be mounted underneath a rifle barrel. Gives the soldier a non-lethal alternative. Popular with bounty hunters. Uses standard power clips. Can be mounted underneath the barrel of any laser, gyrojet, or automatic rifle.

New Model WarTech Gyrojets

WarTech GC-6 Gyrojet Carbine
Cost: 250Cr, Wgt: 3.5kg, Damage: 2d10, Ammo: 10 rounds, Rate: 3, Defense: Inertia,
Range: -/5/60/125/175
Description: Small, compact easy to use weapon. Designed for use by non-frontline troops. Or issued when size is a problem.
Notes: Uses Pistol Jetclips.

WarTech GAR-10 Gyrojet Assault Rifle
Cost: 400Cr, Wgt: 5.5kg, Damage: 3d10/8d10, Ammo: 20 rounds, Rate: 3(1), Defense: Inertia,
Range: -/5/75/150/300
Description: Standard gyrojet rifle with extended magazine, and burst fire capability.
Notes: Rifle Jetclips for the GAR-10 cost 40Cr, for 20 rounds.

WarTech HGR-9 Heavy Gyrojet Rifle
Cost: 800Cr, Wgt: 12kg, Damage: 10d10, Ammo: 5 rounds, Rate: 1, Defense: Inertia,
Range: -/5/60/125/200
Description: Heavy gyrojet rifle. Designed for light anti-vehicle, anti-material role.
Notes: HGR Jetclips cost 40Cr for 5 rounds.

WarTech GJMG-12 Gyrojet Machine Gun
Cost: 5000Cr, Wgt: 25, Damage: 15d10, Ammo: 5 bursts, Rate: 1, Defense: Inertia,
Range: -/5/75/150/300
Description: Designed for heavy fire suppresion and anti-vehicle work. This a heavy weapon typically is mounted on a tripod.
Notes: Ammo cassette of 5 bursts cost 100Cr.

WarTech PGR-2 Precision Marksman Gyrojet Rifle
Cost: 600Cr, Wgt: 5.5kg Damage: 3d10, Ammo: 5, Rate: 1, Defense: Inertia,
Range: -/70/200/500/1km
Decription: Extreme long range gyrojet. For precision sniper work.
Notes: 5 round Jetclip for PGR costs 40Cr.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

I pity the fool!

Last time we left our hero's (and I use that term very loosely). They had aquired an Explorer. They needed to change the way it looked. So its former owners would be unable to identify it. So they thought the easiest way to do this. Paint it like the A-Team van. Well I made the suggestion. Its was just acepted as awesome. So what do you think?

Sunday, November 4, 2007


No game this week. Things have come up. So next week.

Saturday, November 3, 2007

Imortant Information Update

The guy (Clean cut rogue) that does the Star Frontiersman, along with a couple other hard Star Frontiers guys has biult a web site. Oh man, is it sweet. Its got forums, projects,and all kinds of stuff. If your a Star Frontiers fan (or hell even if your not) you got to check it out. You can thank me later.

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Bootleggers Run

The characters are hanging out in the hotel bar. Recouping from the day before's activities. In the bar hanging out is Loran the disgruntled former UPF man, Octavian the Vrusk entrepreneur and their robot which they have dubbed Awesomo. Omar the yarizian merc, is out taking care of personal business. Well as they sit there in the bar. They get a pleasent surprise. In walks Gesh the dralasite medic. He tells the group of how he (or would it be better to say it?) miraculously survived the shuttle crash. Then walked his way back to Mahg Mar City. Even though the long walk. Gesh seems no worse for wear. He sits down just as Mack from Macks Friendly Liquor Store enters the bar. He tells the characters that hes glad to see them. He asks them if they have any more liquor for sale. He tells them being that this city is full of frontiersmen, college kids, and currently mercs. That alcohol is in big demand. Especially now with the planet blockaded. With nothing getting on, or off the surface. He offers to pay them double the amount per bottle that they brought him before. (See last summary) The characters tell him they may be able to help him out. He thanks them and takes off. The characters decide to cash in on his offer. Knowing that there is at least thirty more cases of liquor in the crashed ship. Which equals big money. (36,000 credits to be exact) They decide to go to the Army/Navy store and stock up on supplies. Then they pay their old pal Crazy Ralphy May a visit. Of Crazy Ralphy Mays Rental Center. They talked and haggled with him for a bit. Finally deciding to rent a ground transport from him. (described as looking like an army 2,1/2ton truck painted blue) They drove the truck deep into the hard pack desert. Past the site of the shuttle crash. Which now seems stripped of usable parts and material. To the village of the lizard people. They see lizard folks in their brown robes hiding behind rocks and ledges as they approach. Till they get to the village proper. They they see the lizard folk going about their daily lives. As they disembark from the truck they are greeted by the chief and a few lizard guards. They at first question the characters about the dralasite. (Gesh) But they convince him that he is part of their tribe. So they accept him too. They go to the entrance of the ship buried deep in the caves. Once there they have Awesomo start loading cases of liquor in to the truck. They group decides to explore the rest of the ship. They open the other door in the room. Finding a long hallway. Appearing to be the main connecting hall of the ship. They first jimmy open the door directly across the hall from they. They found another cargo section. Which contained crates of medical supplies and three 55gallon drums. Two of windshield washer fluid, and one of 80w90 oil. They move on from here toward the front of the ship. Finding a small crew section. With quarters, and rest room facilities. They find a few useful items there. But nothing of particular importance. They move forward again to fin the gallery/entertainment area. Finding nothing but long rotten food turned to dirt. They move on to the cockpit. This is a scene of carnage half of the cockpit area is destroyed and full of rock from the impact. They find a couple bodies that have decomposed to the point of skeletons. They then travel back down the main hall to the rear of the ship and the last door. They open it to reveal the engineering section. As they enter they are attacked by a security robot. The robot is a simple looking affair. A barrel like cylindrical body mounted on triangular shaped tracked assemblies. The top of the body is a dome like head with a single eye mounted between the head and body. In the center if the body protrudes a large barrel of a launcher. They battle the robot. Guns a blazing, electro stunners blasting, and swords flashing. The robot returning fire with tangler rounds. They quickly dispatch the robot. They deduce that the robot had been on standby. Being powered by what was left of the ships parabatteries. They find nothing of use here. So they return to the cargo compartment, and Awesomo. Who has loading the majority of the crates of liquor. They help finish loading the truck. They bid the chief and villager goodbye and take off. As they get to the exit of the ravine the village is located in. They see smoke ahead. Loran uses his Magnigoggles and sees a large scale battle going on between Merc Co. forces and Galactic Task Force troops. It a full on battle including hover tanks and the tank robots. The group wisely decides to go around and avoid this. As they circle out of the way of this battle they are attacked by Merc Co skirmishers in a modified Explorer. Sporting a machine gun in a turret on top. The machine gun damages their transport. It grinds to a halt, with the explorer coming to a stop in front of it. The Merc CO guys in the explorer accuse the group of being GTF troops. The characters try to talk there way out. Even offering them some liquor. But the Merc Co troopers turn greedy and decide they should have all the alcohol. Thus the fight begins. The fight was fierce. The characters escaped mostly unscathed. But Awesomo took a beating. The group took the Merc Co troopers Explorer. They found some tow straps. Which they connected the ground transport to the explorer. They tow the truck and its load to Mahg Mar City. They delivery to liquor to a very happy Mack. At Macks Friendly Liquor Store. Who as promised pays them handsomely. They then drag the truck back to Ralphies. Who isn't very happy about his truck being shot up. But has half come to expect it from the group. They pay him for the damages. Then they ask him about repainting the explorer. So it cant be recognized by Merc Co, or anyone else. Ralphy says that he can help the group. The characters decide that they would like the explorer painted up like the A-Team van. They then go to the Pompadour bar. They find one One-eyed Hank there. In his rhinestone jumpsuit glory. They hire him to fix Awesomo. Which he does. So they reward him handsomely. The characters then return to the hotel. Next time new van, and new adventure.


I been lax of posting the summary of last sundays Star Frontiers game. I will get to it though. Hang with me folks.

Continued themes

I occurs to me. That today's paperback fiction is a descendant of the pulps. The Executioner is a modern day pulp equivalent. A neo-pulp if you will. Its just as much a modern action/adventure series. As Doc Savage was in its time. Just some food for thought.


Two of the same?

On theRPGsite lately. Their has been a lot of talk about pulp gaming. On poster (Zolan (Something)?) posted a large post. (Yeah, I know thats sounds stupid. But I dont know a better way to put it.) It was very interesting. It seemed very knowledgeable as well. It, as well as several others have caused me to rethink. Or just think differently about the subject. Most pulp games out there as well as movies and comics. Are pulpy. But are what I would consider neo-pulp, or retro pulp. Reserving the word pulp, for the original. It just seems like the right thing to do. Maybe I'm over thinking things. But I think there should be a descriptor acknowledging the difference between the two. Now dont get me wrong. Modern day stuff like Indiana Jones, or the Red Phantom (a character created by adude named Gabriel. He talks about the character and his ideas for the character, stories, and etc. Here on his blog. Which astute readers will see has been of my links list for a while.) But I think the word pulp should be saved for use on the rel stuff. Much like Maltese Falcon is considered Noir. While Mulholland Falls, would be considered Neo-Noir. So what do you think? Am I over thinking it? Does there need to be a distinction between to two?

Monday, October 29, 2007

Executioner Crazy!

Hi, my names Ronin and I'm an addict. I'm addicted to these damn books. As I stated before I happened into an old friend. Mack Bolan. Used to check these out from the library in the tiny town I'm from. I enjoyed them back in the day, a lot. Well As I told you before I purchased a couple Saturday. Oh, man. I still dig it way to much for my own good. I read one and am 1/3 the way through the other one. So if its worth doing. Its worth going overboard about, right? I just bought four more books. That aught to keep me busy for a while. Remember when I start looking into purchasing an Auto Mag, or Desert Eagle .44. Its time to step in. I need help. :-p

Blood sacrifice.
Guatemalan rebels have discovered a new way to finance a campaign of terror. They are looting rare Mayan artifacts and selling them for millions. The location of the jungle tomb is a secret to all but the rebel army, who's tapped it as its own private war chest.
Mack Bolan's mission is twofold: find the hidden ruins, then stop the pillage by whatever means necessary. But he's up against an army determined to maintain its deadly hold on a lost temple and its riches. Bolan's unerring skill in the hostile jungle makes him a formidable enemy. He's willing to face death for a just cause, but he knows the difference between a soldier's sacrifice and a suicide mission. If the Executioner is going down, he's taking the bad guys with him.

Fury spiral.

The prolonged conflict between the Irish Republican Army and the Protestant Nationals is escalating beyond Ireland's borders. Now America is being lured into the crossfire through a deeply rooted conspiracy designed to force the U.S. government to take its war on terror to the Emerald Isle.

Mack Bolan's mission begins with information retrieval. He must find out who is using terrorist threats to force U.S. intervention in Northern Ireland. Evidence piles high against the Protestant Orange Order, which wants the world to endorse the existence of two Irelands. But when the Executtoner uncovers a plot to launch a dirty bomb on American soil, the true threat- and the real face of the deadly enemy- comes under his lethal and personal attack.

A bloodbath aboard a celebrity-packed yacht leaves the daughter of a high-ranking politician dead. Going undercover as a DEA official, Mack Bolan probes what appears to be a drug deal gone bad. But as kilos of high-grade heroin flood Los Angeles, Bolan's investigation exposes something worse than business as usual for local gangs and dirty politicians.

The trail leads to Jakarta and the Golden Dragon, a drug lord with his hands deep in thepockets of officials- and an agenda that goes beyond white powder and cold hard cash. The Executioner hammers the opposition with a vengeance, savaging the Dragon'sstranglehold on the drug trade ... and enraging a powerful enemy whose mission stops nothing short of full-blown terror.

Critical interception.

Mack Bolan is directed to use any means necessary to defuse a crisis that puts America in the hot seat. Iran's hardliners are pushing an extremist agenda, defying U.N. rulings and amassing an arsenal with bio and nuclear capabilities. They've got stolen U.S. technology and unlimited financial backing by China, who's willing to lend its muscle in exchange for oil. With Russian black market weapons dealers eager to profit from international terror, the Stony Man warrior's multifront mission becomes one of infiltrate and confront, uniting him with Bedouin brothers-in-arms and other unlikely allies across enemy territory in a race to shut down an explosive situation before the deadly fuse is lit ....

Saturday, October 27, 2007

The Executioner

Well reading and thinking about the Mack Bolan books. I did it. I went out and purchased a couple. Man its the asskicking goodness I remembered. These are the ones I got.

Final accounting.

The hunt for a killer on a rampage of revenge in upstate New York leads Mack Bolan to a nest of criminals. A vigilante is targeting local meth-lab gangs doing business with white supremacists. But innocents are dying in the wake of one man's killing spree. That places him squarely in Bolan's gun sights.
Trailing his quarry through chaos and death, Bolan exposes a new and far grimmer scenario- a conspiracy involving local power brokers. The goal is an act of homegrown terror orchestrated by rogue sleeper cells of the Chinese government. There's a fine line between rough justice and cold-blooded murder- something the Executioner understands all too well.

Dangerous allegiance.
When the military career of a top-notch Green Beret is terminated by a raw deal, the soldier turns mercenary to spill blood for profit. Now he's cast his lot with terrorists and organized crime, knowing there's big money working for those fueled by hatred and fanaticism. And if it brings him some payback against the government that betrayed him- all the sweeter.
Mack Bolan not only understands the mind-set of a well-trained soldier, he can play it to his advantage. But he's got less than 24 hours to rattle Vancouver's Triads in hopes of shaking loose their prized American gun for hire- because the mercenary has a suitcase full of death, and the incentive to make sure it reaches its final destination across the U.S. border.

Friday, October 26, 2007

Mack Bolan The Executioner

Well folks meet the character/book that inspired the Punisher. Well no one really says that. But lets look at a couple things. Vietnam vet? Check. Family killed by mobsters? Check. Becomes vigilante bad ass, scourge of the mafia? Check. Any one picking up a pattern here? Their are people that say its the other way around. They are wrong. Dead Wrong. (Ha, Ha! Cheesy I know but roll with me.) The first Executioner (Mack Bolan) book "War against the mafia" was released in 1969. The first appearance of the Punisher was in 1974 (if I remember correctly). Now don't get me wrong I am a huge Punisher fan. But I recently rediscovered Mack Bolan. I remember checking Executioner books out of the public libary. A buddy of mines brother turned me on to them. The Executioner Mack Bolan is the largest series of book printed in english. Theres 349 books printed as of right now. That doesn't include the Able Team, Phoenix Force, and Stony Man books he appears in.
Mack Bolan is pure bad ass. His regular load out is a Beretta 93R, and "Big Thunder" his .44 Automag. Just like the Punisher he kicks seven shades of mobster/terrorist/foreign agent/bad guy ass. If this sort of thing appeals to you. I highly suggest you check them out.

(I posted the entirety of a pamphlet that Walden Books put out to celebrate the 100 book in the series. You may have to click on the pics, possibly even save them to you computer so that you can zoom in to read it better. Its a fun little short story. Give it a read. Especially if the Executioner sounds interesting to you.)

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Porco Rosso

Porco Rosso is rated #2 in Anime Insiders top fifty anime. This surprised me. I had seen it at the store before. But never really thought much of it. I just though it was another goofy/dumb anime. Well I've been reading up on it after reading AI's blurb on it. It sounds pretty interesting. I think I'm going to have to check it out. I would recommend you folks check it out. Please it you have seen it. Leave a comment. I'm interested in learning more about it.

Jin-Roh The Wolf Brigade

Recently I recieved a Anime Insider magazine. From my friend Bungee. He had aquired it at the recent retailers summit. This is a magazine that I dont typically read. Not that theirs anything wrong with it. Its just not on my list so to speak. Well this issue had their top 50 anime of all time. They listed Jin-Roh The Wolf Brigade as #7 in their poll. It is definitely a top ten anime movie. I havent seen it in my prefered anime movie store. Nor have I looked for it online. I really should once I get some money saved. I'm posting a couple links that I think will explain it better than I. Link .1, Link .2
Its a really great movie. I cant recommend it enough.

So many games, so little time

Twilight 2000. This is a game I more or less stumbled across a little less than a year ago. Its a game I was interested in, back in my youth. But a friends brother had convinced me it was a crap game. Oh man he was wrong. Sure its crunchy as hell. But everything was back then. I would have totally dug it back then. Probably would have play the hell out of if it. Heck if I had time I would play it now. If I had thew time or players interested. I would definitely use the timeline from the old books. I would consider it to now be an alternate future. I bought the PDF off drivethru rpg. If I remember correctly. As I said it was a while ago. I was just taking a look at it recently. Which is what prompted this post. Far Future Enterprises has reprinted the 1st edition. Which is very cool. I may have to get a hard copy sometime in the future. A company called 93 games studio has gotten the rights to Twilight 2000, and is coming out with a 3rd edition. Its supposed to be title Twilight 2013. I guess its a complete rewrite. New history moving away from the superpower conflict of the cold war. Sounds interesting. I will definitely have to check it out.
[edit] Found a PDF of some fluff text for the new 2013 game on 93 games studio site. LINK.