Friday, December 5, 2008


So much going on, to many ideas. I need to start working on the latest issue of the supplement. With the holidays it going to be a short month for writing. Not to mention one of my main contributors is working on a feature film. So I'm not sure he can be relied on for his usual, well contribution.
Then theres my goofy ass. The theme of this months supplement is apocalypse, or post-apocalypse. But all I can dream of is Victorian science fiction. I say VSF not steam punk. Because I think that denotes a slightly different idea/meaning. I envision Victoria's boys in red coats and pith helmets battling the soldiers of the Imperial German Empire, pickelhaubes and Mauser's. Fighting over deposits of lift material to power their aeronef fleets. Ground fighting involving soldiers and steam powered land ironclads. Dueling on the African continent for control of this precious resource.
Perhaps I could combine the both. Maybe a war of the worlds scenario. Except the humans don't do so well. Or the first onslaught of the martians is devastating.
On the other hand will the readership really want more of a Mad Max, road warrior type of thing? Or maybe a more gonzo approach like Gamma World, or Mutant Future? Or the one I really like, a realistic gritty game like Twilight 2000. I just don't know how I'm going to proceed at this point. But I got to get moving on it. So a decision needs to be made soon.