Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Paizo and Campaign Ramblings

Well I had heard good things about Paizos Pathfinder series. I believe the Chatty DM has spoke of it several times. Well I saw it at the game shop I frequent. Holy crap! This things gonna ruin my campaign. Cause now I gotta figure out how to incorporate Sandpoint into my game. Well it wont ruin my game. Realistically it wont be hard to incorporate either.

But man is this thing chock full of awesome! Sandpoint is definitely going in. I really like the size of it too. Cities like Waterdeep I always found really neat. But so times there so big. They can just feel too unwieldy. But Sandpoint is just the right size for what I want run. It think that Sandpoint will be a recurring launch point for this campaign. The characters base of operations so to speak. Paizo released a very small (If I remember the name correctly. As I am currently away from the book.) Players Guide deal for the Pathfinder. It gives a little history/background for the races, classes. and setting. It has a small equipment section that I am totally using. The Barbarian chew, and the Earth breaker I find particularly interesting.

I'd like to post more about my campaign. But I don't want to ruin it. As the main hook links everything together. Man I cant wait to share it with you folks.

One of the things I can tell you about is my item cards. As some of you loyal readers (their are a couple of you out there right?) may remember. I created a whole mess of item cards. Similar to the ones Paizo put out. (Anyone sense a pattern here.) As I drew them all myself. The are not quite as nice as Paizos official cards. I like them, and everyone that has used them has seemed to like them. I know the DM of the game I play in digs them. Anyways I have created a bunch of them for my game. When the players start off on their first "Mission" so to speak. They will be given a sack of items to help them. I have created cards for all the items. Plus all the incidental stuff they may encounter. As I have said before. I'll have to see if Bungee can help me get them scanned. So I can post pics here.

Monday, November 26, 2007

Getting Ready

Well the fellas are putting together their characters. So far we have Phineas and Barnaby two barbarian brothers that are circus strong men. Augustus Busch a two weapon fighting ranger. Who I have a sneaking suspicion will be played like an alcoholic dwarf. Then a yet unnamed character that is a druid. An interesting start.
All of them are wilderness types. This kind of surprised me. Not as much as the fact even though I made all the prestige classes available. Or half race options. Everyone picked standard halflings and base classes. Don't get me wrong that's fine. I'm just a little surprised. One player has yet to make his character or discuss a character concept with me. I'm interested to see what he picks. As hes usually the GM. So I know its a rare occasion for him to be a player.
Anyways its all coming together well. I cant wait to start. I've done a bunch of prep for this. Its driving me crazy. I cant talk about it here. Or talk to my roommate about it. As I don't want to ruin the surprise. All I can say is this. Its a good group builder, (with out resorting to the "You meet in a tavern") and has a hook in the ending so juicy, no fish can pass it up. It will be sweet. After we're done I'll see if I can get my buddy to scan some stuff so I can post it up here. Cause I have to say I am really pleased with some of the handouts, and maps.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

In with the New

So the group in taking a little two week break. After that we are starting a new campaign. We're going to play D&D. Sounds plain you say? No sir, here's the ketch. The one requirement of all the players. You must play a halfling. Other than that sky's the limit. Even prestige classes at the start. Obviously there will be some fiddling if people would like to do that. But no big deal. Everyone will also start at second level. I figure that makes folks powerful enough not to get killed by a couple kobolds. But not strong enough to smack down ogres.
I think it will be a fun campaign. Besides hack'n people and take'n there stuff. It will be fun to see how the characters deal with wandering in a big world. I'll try to post summaries and stuff as I did with the star frontiers game. I got to say I'm really looking forward to this game! :-)

Sunday, November 18, 2007

The End

This is the end
Beautiful friend
This is the end
My only friend, the end

The End, The Doors

Well I have decided, and it has been done. Today was the final session of this section of the Star Frontiers game. I'm putting it on hold for a little bit. I can feel the excitement fading. I don't want that. I can tell at least one of my players is disappointed. But I don't want it to turn in to a chore. Or have it blow up and disintegrate. I will come back to it. But I need some time off of it. To recharge the batteries.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

The meta blog pt2

This is my list of links to RPG companies.
RPG Sites
Arc Dream Publishing
Atlas Games
Cubicle 7 Entertainment
Deep 7
Eden Studios
FanPro games
Kenzer and Company
Mongoose Publishing
Palladium Books
R. Talsorian Games
Steve Jackson Games
West End Games
Wizards of the Coast

I got to be missing something. Anyone out there in blog land got some links and/or suggestions you wants to share?

No really I swear!

I will post the game log from last sundays Star Frontiers game. I've just lacked the will as of late to do it. But it will happen. For those of you following along at home. The corporate war heats up as Mahg Mar City is invaded by the rival factions. Not to mention a new faction rears its head. Will the characters be sinners or saints. Who will be the ultimate victor of the corporate war?!

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

The Meta Blog

Yup, Im gonna do it. I'm gonna blog about my blog. I know they say you shouldn't. (By they I mean people better versed in intarweb etiquette.) But screw it I'm do'n it.

First my links to blogs and stuff.

The first two Whozawaza, Bungee's Orphanage, and Kanes Mind.
Are blogs by friends of mine. Their not real keen on keeping them updated. But I like dropping by to see if they've posted anything.

Now these Lebowski Fest, Hero Machine 2.0,, Venture Bros / Adult Swim, Venture Bros., Brick Commander, and Gundam are things I enjoy checking out once and a while. They have some neat stuff. I do check Brick commander once a week to check out the newst creation being diplayed. Its pretty neat seeing mecha and vehicles in 3-lego-D. So to speak.

Now these are links to some of my favorite comic writers and artists. Tim Bradstreet, Ed Brubaker, Flying Fist Ranch, Liberty Meadows, Frank Cho, and The Punisher. This list is nowhere complete. But as I've come accross them or thought about them I've posted them up. Now The Punisher site is a fan site. But it is really great. A must check for punisher fans., Palladium-Megaverse Forums, theRPGsite Forums, John H Kim's RPG Encyclopedia, The Blue Room, Star Frontiers Revival,, Star Frontiersman, and Cumberland Games & Diversions. These are the forums and rpg related sites I cruise. I have really been involved with the Star Frontiers Revival site. Its a fantastic resource. If you played SF back in the day or have a passing interest. Do your self a favor and check it out.

These here The Old is the New New, paleo-future, and Pith Helmet. These are some I've been considering dropping. I dont really look at them much. But every once and a while theres good stuff. Perhaphs I would see that more if I check them more.

Now these are my bread and butter links I check on every day. I'll go over them one by one.

Adventures in Writing This one isnt updated to often. But has a ton of good stuff. It is written by a dude named Gabriel. Its kind of an online notebook, of him working on comic/pulp stories with his character The Red Phantom.
Chris's Invincible Super-Blog is one of the best comic blogs I've found. It friggin famous too. He displayed a peice of a Captain America issue. That part of the issue had Tony Stark on the bridge or whatever of the heli-carrier. It showed banks of monitors. The panel he showed had a monitor with his blog on it! I thought no way. Thats photoshop or something. So I grabbed my copy of Cap and looked for myself. Holy sheep dip! It was there. It was no photoshop hoax. A sure sign of awesomeness. That and pics of people in the comics being kicked in the face.
Daves Long Box This is the other one of my favorite comic blogs. We share a similar taste in a few things. Besides anyone who devotes a full week of blogging to the Suicide Squad. Deserves, no demands a thumbs up from me.
A Nerds Country Journal This is a blog written by Jeff Hebert. The creator of the Hero Machine. He has just recently stated that he going to stop blogging. But the archives are still there.
RPG Blog II This is written by Zachary Houghton. AKA, Zachary The First. Who is a judge for the 2008 Ennies. For those not in the know. Is an award deal for RPG's. He hasnt updated lately. But his wife just had a child recently. I'm sure hes busy with that.
the Chatty DM This is written by a dude named Phil (Sorry I dont remeber your last name dude.) It is in my humble opinion one of the very best RPG/D&D blogs out there. He deals with all manner of mechanics, fluff, concepts (like Tropes), and everything else. Always fun and informative.
I Waste The Buddha With My Crossbow This is written by Doc Rotwang, the man, the myth, the legend. Hes a minor genius, with an 80's newwave sound track. Always fun. King of the Gonzo.
Jeff's Gameblog Another gonzo king. He is taking a little break from GMing. As he feeling burned out. But has a lot of interesting things to say on his blog. Definitely one to check out.
Rpgpundit's Blog Love it or hate it. The RPG Pundit is no holds bared. Letting you know exactly whats on his mind. Hes kind of like Ted Nugent. Either you agree with him 100%. Or your like WTF! Always an interesting read.
The Lair of the Evil DM Last but surely not least is the Evil DM. Who has a fun array of weekly features. Modivational Monday, Wednesday Girl, and Pulp Thursday. All this and more. Its a great read. Definitly check it out. (As a side note. I'm going to be playing in a Star Frontiers PBEM game he running too. I really looking forward to it. Right now we are in the character creation stages.)

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Some things to share

Thought I would share some of the stuff I posted on the Star Frontiers Revival site.

Interstar Weaponry underbarrel add-ons

Interstar Weaponry UBGL-1 Under Barrel Grenade Launcher
Cost: 600, Wgt: 3kg, Damage: As Grenade, Ammo: 1, Rate: 1/2, Defense: RS check,
Description: Just as it says a grenade launcher that can be mounted underneath the barrel of any laser, gyrojet, or automatic rifle.

Interstar Weaponry UBL-3
Cost: 600, Wgt: 1kg, Damage: 1d10 per SEU, Ammo: SEU, SEU 1-10, Rate: 2, Defense: Albedo,
Description: A laser pistol pod that can be mounted underneath a rifle barrel. Gives the soldier an option of a different weapon system. To deal with different defenses, and/or tagets. Uses standard power clips. Can be mounted underneath the barrel of any laser, gyrojet, or automatic rifle.

Interstar Weaponry UBG-1A
Cost: 200, Wgt: 1kg, Damage: 2d10, Ammo: 10, Rate: 3, Defense: Inertia,
Description: A gyrojet pistol pod that can be mounted underneath a rifle barrel. Gives the soldier an option of a different weapon system. To deal with different defenses, and/or targets. Uses standard pistol jetclips. Can be mounted underneath the barrel of any laser, gyrojet, or automatic rifle.

Interstar Weaponry UBSS-1
Cost: 500, Wgt: 1kg, Damage: Stun, Ammo: SEU, SEU: 2, Rate: 1, Defense: Sonic/A-S,
Description: A sonic stunner pod that can be mounted underneath a rifle barrel. Gives the soldier a non-lethal alternative. Popular with bounty hunters. Uses standard power clips. Can be mounted underneath the barrel of any laser, gyrojet, or automatic rifle.

New Model WarTech Gyrojets

WarTech GC-6 Gyrojet Carbine
Cost: 250Cr, Wgt: 3.5kg, Damage: 2d10, Ammo: 10 rounds, Rate: 3, Defense: Inertia,
Range: -/5/60/125/175
Description: Small, compact easy to use weapon. Designed for use by non-frontline troops. Or issued when size is a problem.
Notes: Uses Pistol Jetclips.

WarTech GAR-10 Gyrojet Assault Rifle
Cost: 400Cr, Wgt: 5.5kg, Damage: 3d10/8d10, Ammo: 20 rounds, Rate: 3(1), Defense: Inertia,
Range: -/5/75/150/300
Description: Standard gyrojet rifle with extended magazine, and burst fire capability.
Notes: Rifle Jetclips for the GAR-10 cost 40Cr, for 20 rounds.

WarTech HGR-9 Heavy Gyrojet Rifle
Cost: 800Cr, Wgt: 12kg, Damage: 10d10, Ammo: 5 rounds, Rate: 1, Defense: Inertia,
Range: -/5/60/125/200
Description: Heavy gyrojet rifle. Designed for light anti-vehicle, anti-material role.
Notes: HGR Jetclips cost 40Cr for 5 rounds.

WarTech GJMG-12 Gyrojet Machine Gun
Cost: 5000Cr, Wgt: 25, Damage: 15d10, Ammo: 5 bursts, Rate: 1, Defense: Inertia,
Range: -/5/75/150/300
Description: Designed for heavy fire suppresion and anti-vehicle work. This a heavy weapon typically is mounted on a tripod.
Notes: Ammo cassette of 5 bursts cost 100Cr.

WarTech PGR-2 Precision Marksman Gyrojet Rifle
Cost: 600Cr, Wgt: 5.5kg Damage: 3d10, Ammo: 5, Rate: 1, Defense: Inertia,
Range: -/70/200/500/1km
Decription: Extreme long range gyrojet. For precision sniper work.
Notes: 5 round Jetclip for PGR costs 40Cr.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

I pity the fool!

Last time we left our hero's (and I use that term very loosely). They had aquired an Explorer. They needed to change the way it looked. So its former owners would be unable to identify it. So they thought the easiest way to do this. Paint it like the A-Team van. Well I made the suggestion. Its was just acepted as awesome. So what do you think?

Sunday, November 4, 2007


No game this week. Things have come up. So next week.

Saturday, November 3, 2007

Imortant Information Update

The guy (Clean cut rogue) that does the Star Frontiersman, along with a couple other hard Star Frontiers guys has biult a web site. Oh man, is it sweet. Its got forums, projects,and all kinds of stuff. If your a Star Frontiers fan (or hell even if your not) you got to check it out. You can thank me later.

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Bootleggers Run

The characters are hanging out in the hotel bar. Recouping from the day before's activities. In the bar hanging out is Loran the disgruntled former UPF man, Octavian the Vrusk entrepreneur and their robot which they have dubbed Awesomo. Omar the yarizian merc, is out taking care of personal business. Well as they sit there in the bar. They get a pleasent surprise. In walks Gesh the dralasite medic. He tells the group of how he (or would it be better to say it?) miraculously survived the shuttle crash. Then walked his way back to Mahg Mar City. Even though the long walk. Gesh seems no worse for wear. He sits down just as Mack from Macks Friendly Liquor Store enters the bar. He tells the characters that hes glad to see them. He asks them if they have any more liquor for sale. He tells them being that this city is full of frontiersmen, college kids, and currently mercs. That alcohol is in big demand. Especially now with the planet blockaded. With nothing getting on, or off the surface. He offers to pay them double the amount per bottle that they brought him before. (See last summary) The characters tell him they may be able to help him out. He thanks them and takes off. The characters decide to cash in on his offer. Knowing that there is at least thirty more cases of liquor in the crashed ship. Which equals big money. (36,000 credits to be exact) They decide to go to the Army/Navy store and stock up on supplies. Then they pay their old pal Crazy Ralphy May a visit. Of Crazy Ralphy Mays Rental Center. They talked and haggled with him for a bit. Finally deciding to rent a ground transport from him. (described as looking like an army 2,1/2ton truck painted blue) They drove the truck deep into the hard pack desert. Past the site of the shuttle crash. Which now seems stripped of usable parts and material. To the village of the lizard people. They see lizard folks in their brown robes hiding behind rocks and ledges as they approach. Till they get to the village proper. They they see the lizard folk going about their daily lives. As they disembark from the truck they are greeted by the chief and a few lizard guards. They at first question the characters about the dralasite. (Gesh) But they convince him that he is part of their tribe. So they accept him too. They go to the entrance of the ship buried deep in the caves. Once there they have Awesomo start loading cases of liquor in to the truck. They group decides to explore the rest of the ship. They open the other door in the room. Finding a long hallway. Appearing to be the main connecting hall of the ship. They first jimmy open the door directly across the hall from they. They found another cargo section. Which contained crates of medical supplies and three 55gallon drums. Two of windshield washer fluid, and one of 80w90 oil. They move on from here toward the front of the ship. Finding a small crew section. With quarters, and rest room facilities. They find a few useful items there. But nothing of particular importance. They move forward again to fin the gallery/entertainment area. Finding nothing but long rotten food turned to dirt. They move on to the cockpit. This is a scene of carnage half of the cockpit area is destroyed and full of rock from the impact. They find a couple bodies that have decomposed to the point of skeletons. They then travel back down the main hall to the rear of the ship and the last door. They open it to reveal the engineering section. As they enter they are attacked by a security robot. The robot is a simple looking affair. A barrel like cylindrical body mounted on triangular shaped tracked assemblies. The top of the body is a dome like head with a single eye mounted between the head and body. In the center if the body protrudes a large barrel of a launcher. They battle the robot. Guns a blazing, electro stunners blasting, and swords flashing. The robot returning fire with tangler rounds. They quickly dispatch the robot. They deduce that the robot had been on standby. Being powered by what was left of the ships parabatteries. They find nothing of use here. So they return to the cargo compartment, and Awesomo. Who has loading the majority of the crates of liquor. They help finish loading the truck. They bid the chief and villager goodbye and take off. As they get to the exit of the ravine the village is located in. They see smoke ahead. Loran uses his Magnigoggles and sees a large scale battle going on between Merc Co. forces and Galactic Task Force troops. It a full on battle including hover tanks and the tank robots. The group wisely decides to go around and avoid this. As they circle out of the way of this battle they are attacked by Merc Co skirmishers in a modified Explorer. Sporting a machine gun in a turret on top. The machine gun damages their transport. It grinds to a halt, with the explorer coming to a stop in front of it. The Merc CO guys in the explorer accuse the group of being GTF troops. The characters try to talk there way out. Even offering them some liquor. But the Merc Co troopers turn greedy and decide they should have all the alcohol. Thus the fight begins. The fight was fierce. The characters escaped mostly unscathed. But Awesomo took a beating. The group took the Merc Co troopers Explorer. They found some tow straps. Which they connected the ground transport to the explorer. They tow the truck and its load to Mahg Mar City. They delivery to liquor to a very happy Mack. At Macks Friendly Liquor Store. Who as promised pays them handsomely. They then drag the truck back to Ralphies. Who isn't very happy about his truck being shot up. But has half come to expect it from the group. They pay him for the damages. Then they ask him about repainting the explorer. So it cant be recognized by Merc Co, or anyone else. Ralphy says that he can help the group. The characters decide that they would like the explorer painted up like the A-Team van. They then go to the Pompadour bar. They find one One-eyed Hank there. In his rhinestone jumpsuit glory. They hire him to fix Awesomo. Which he does. So they reward him handsomely. The characters then return to the hotel. Next time new van, and new adventure.


I been lax of posting the summary of last sundays Star Frontiers game. I will get to it though. Hang with me folks.

Continued themes

I occurs to me. That today's paperback fiction is a descendant of the pulps. The Executioner is a modern day pulp equivalent. A neo-pulp if you will. Its just as much a modern action/adventure series. As Doc Savage was in its time. Just some food for thought.


Two of the same?

On theRPGsite lately. Their has been a lot of talk about pulp gaming. On poster (Zolan (Something)?) posted a large post. (Yeah, I know thats sounds stupid. But I dont know a better way to put it.) It was very interesting. It seemed very knowledgeable as well. It, as well as several others have caused me to rethink. Or just think differently about the subject. Most pulp games out there as well as movies and comics. Are pulpy. But are what I would consider neo-pulp, or retro pulp. Reserving the word pulp, for the original. It just seems like the right thing to do. Maybe I'm over thinking things. But I think there should be a descriptor acknowledging the difference between the two. Now dont get me wrong. Modern day stuff like Indiana Jones, or the Red Phantom (a character created by adude named Gabriel. He talks about the character and his ideas for the character, stories, and etc. Here on his blog. Which astute readers will see has been of my links list for a while.) But I think the word pulp should be saved for use on the rel stuff. Much like Maltese Falcon is considered Noir. While Mulholland Falls, would be considered Neo-Noir. So what do you think? Am I over thinking it? Does there need to be a distinction between to two?