Thursday, June 28, 2007

Special Counter-terrorism Group Delta 2,1/2

This the e-mail I sent out to the group reminding them about the game. I think its amusing. My roomate thinks I'm an idiot. But I figure I'll share it with yall just the same.

Alright fellas this Sunday we invade the Nam! Are you ready for role call? I spoke to Mike and Robert at J4F today. They said they will be ready to mobilize Sunday. A little bird told me Pat will be evacuating to our LZ as well. So if Darick and Scott could radio your position. (Let me know if your coming). I'm just trying to set out a battle plan for Sunday. I hope to engage the enemy (start playing) that afternoon. But character creation in Ninjas and Super Spies can be timely. So be prepared for that event. Those of you astute Rangers will noticed that I mentioned Scott not Spencer. Evidently Spencer is tied up on a 3 day pass for some R and R. (Flying out to Seattle for a couple days.) Scott is a war Buddie (old friend) of mine. I recently ran into him on R and R. (Shot the shit with him at his brothers wedding. Which I was in.) He was interested in getting back in country and mixing it up with Victor Charles. (He was interested in doing some role playing, as he hasn't been able for a while.) Hes a veteran hard bastard ready to take it to 'em. (Scott is a veteran player. Who actually introduced me to a lot of games and ran a bunch of games back in the day.) Scott you will be joining a group of hard nails troopers. They are some bad ass bush trek'in mutherfuckers. (The group is composed of a bunch of fellas that have been playing for a while.) The coordinates (address) for our rally point Sunday is **** **** ****, ** *****. I'm sure battalion can issue you maps if you have not been to this fire base. (Meaning if you have not been to the house before you can mapquest (or which ever mapping service you prefer) it.) The fire base is a small brick house with a shared driveway with the communist insurgents next door. (the neighbors next door.) Radio Contact Frequency (Phone number) is ***-****. Fell free to radio in for support. (directions, questions, or if cant find the house.) We will deploy smoke and flares to guide you in. (Talk you in and stand on the porch and wave as you drive by.) So hope to see you at the fire base on Sunday at 13:00 hours. (1:00pm).

*** obviously cover the exact location, etc. I get enough junk mail and telemarketers without advertising on the internet.

Special Counter-terrorist Group Delta 2

This Sunday will be the first session of the Special Counter-terrorism Group Delta. It will start at the beginning. With the characters members of a Ranger LRRP team in Vietnam. I cant wait. I've been preping little stuff all week. I've made up a random encounter table for the jungle. Set down a basic plot. I've made maps of important locations. I even have LRRP and VC minatures. To place on the maps so people can better understand the firefight or situation. I'm really excited about it. My primary concern is making characters. But hopefully we will get to some action as well.
Rangers Lead the Way!

Sua Sponte
"Of their own accord"

Monday, June 25, 2007

The World of Kong: A Natural History of Skull Island
I picked up this book this weekend. Its fantastic! It will be a fantastic resource for a pulp game too! The company that did the setting background, etc for the movie. Designed lots of stuff. Most of it didn't make it into the movie. Its all presented in the book. Its really a neat book. I would recommend it highly for lost world pulp info.
I'm including a series of links that can explain things better than I. I have also posted some pics from the book enjoy!

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Special Counter-terrorist Group Delta

This is the campaign blurb. That I sent my players, describing the game. I cant wait to play But I have to wait till next weekend. Being that I'm in a wedding this weekend. I'm getting pumped up to play. I cant hardly wait.

You will be members of the GI Joe team. (Otherwise known as Special Counter-terrorist Group Delta) Notice I said will be. You will start off as an army ranger LRRP team in Vietnam. (For those of you familiar think of Stalker, Tommy (Storm Shadow), and Snake Eyes in Nam.) In the year of 1973. For those of you not familiar with Rangers and LRRP teams here are some links. You will complete a mission or two. Then you will flash forward, to 1976. And two levels. (so from level 1 to 3rd) Where you are SAD operators for the CIA in Angola. Which is embroiled in civil war. Besides being engaged in civil war. It is also a battle of proxies with super powers. The predominate players are the UNITA which is supported by the United States and South Africa. MLPA meanwhile is supported by Cuba and the soviet union. The Cubans even had troops on the ground. Anyways theres links on the subjects. You will have a mission or two here. Then time will advance to 1983. (and another 2 levels. So from 3rd level to 5th) Where you will be recruited to the GI Joe team. Thus starting the current time line.

This game will be using Ninjas and Super Spies (palladium megaversal) as the game system. Some additional material on mercs/spec ops from one of the rifters will used as well.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Fuedal Japan Steampunk

I wanted to do some roleplaying last night. So I asked my roommate if he wanted to try out Risus. I had printed it a long time ago, and started thinking about it yesterday. So we played a session. I used a feudal Japanese steampunk idea I've been mulling over for a while for a setting.

So he created:Hiro, Badass Ronin Samurai
Bad Ass Ronin 4
Kenjutsu (Sword) 3
Kyojutsu (Bow) 2
Drunk 1
Hook: Can never pass up a damsel in distress
The setting is feudal japan with steampunk devices. Most farmers probably don't have much if any steampunk devices. But the more well to do you are the better chances of you being able to afford items. Some of these devices would be a automatic fire sparker, a cash register for a merchant, or gadgets used by ninja. The biggest and most obvious would be Cog's. Which are spring or steam powered robots.

The session began with Hiro on the road to Kyoto. Coming the other direction is a litter being carried by low level samurai. The look tired and just straight up whupped. As they pass. A voice from the litters compartment sounded out. He asked if he was for hire. Hiro said yes. The voice commanded that the litter be set down. Out stepped a finely dressed noble. He explained that he was responsible for this area. And that he had a problem he hoped to hire Hiro to solve. One of the Cog's assigned by the emperor to stand guard at the local village. Had some how gone rogue. He offered to pay Hiro ten bars (small bars ued like coins) of gold to destroy the cog. Hiro succeeded on his opposed bad ass ronin check, and talked him into 12 bars. The noble gave him directions to the village. That coincidentally was on the way to Kyoto. With the nobles estate being close to the village. With that the noble again proceeded on his journey. Moving in the opposite direction of the village and his estate. Which Hiro though kind of strange. But figured the noble was cowardly anyways. Hiro headed to the villiage. As he got closer the to the village the the forest opened up into rice paddies on both sides of the road. Ahead of him was the Cog. Standing guard on the road. It was a wooden lacquered cog about 6 feet tall. With a barrel chest and spindly arms and legs. With the emperors seal of a lotus blossom on its chest. Hiro stopped and readied his bow. Loosing a single arrow at it. The effect of which was only to cause it to charge at him. (a really crumby kyojutsu cliche roll on Hiros part) So Hiro drew his sword and charged it. They met in a clash of sword and cog fore limb. Knocking Hiro back. (Failing his kenjutsu cliche roll) It was then he realised he may be in trouble. By then a crowd of farmers from the fields had gathered to watch. A little girl ran from the group towards Hiro and the Cog. She screamed at Hiro don't hurt him! Running up wrapping her arms around the Cogs leg. Don't hurt mushi hes the only protection we have from the evil noble. Hiro asked what she meant by that. She explained that the noble was taxing them of rice beyond belief. They weren't sure they would make it through the winter at this rate. Not to mention the kidnappings. The noble had taken all the young women of the village. This angered Hiro. As it was late he stayed as the guest of the village. It was that evening that he was told of how thew cog had been struck by lightning. After that it seemed to have a mind of its own. And started defending the village from the noble. The little girl had named him Mushi. The next day he went to the nobles estate. The cog not giving anyone a choice in the matter went with him. When Hiro got the gates of the estate he intimidated the guards. (using the Bad Ass Ronin cliche) Who quickly let him and the Cog in. Before was the noble on the porch of his home. He was surrounded by his normal lackey samurai. And a well dressed and skillful looking samurai armed with a matchlock rifle with a large bayonet blade mounted at the end. The rifle appears that it could be used like a naginata after its been fired. He confronted the noble about his taxation of the village and the kidnapping. He admitted to it and told he that he expected Hiro would have been killed. But would have softened up the Cog so the noble real hired ronin samurai could take it out. Well along with the Cog I borrowed from the Prefecture Lord. As he says this from the side of house comes out a Metal War Cog. It looks similar to Mushi except it is built out of wrought iron and it head is shaped like a samurai helmet. He carries a zanbatō (Literal translation "horse-slaying sword" or "horse-chopping saber") which is a giant sword. The Noble calls out "Kudzu, #6 kill them". The Cogs come at each other in combat. The ronin Kudzu raised his matchlock and fires at Hiro. Who in Remo Williams style side steps the shot. (Another great use of the cliche Bad Ass Ronin) Hiro and Kudzu draw into close combat. Kudzu struck Hiro damaging him. (rolling a higher naginatajutsu cliche oppossed to hiros kenjutsu cliche roll) Next next set of blow they simultaneously struck each other. (Both of their dice rolls tied) Then in a surprise move Hiro kicked Kudzu in the family jewels. (Good use of the Bad Ass Ronin cliche) Then finished him with a headbutt. (again with the Bad Ass Ronin cliche) As he knocked out Kudzu he heard a great crash and the house shook. Mushi had beat #6 and knocked it into the house. But at the loss of its left arm. The noble was frantic. His forces had been defeated. Hiro intimidated him (yup the Bad Ass Ronin cliche again) and made him release the girls and pay him the money he owed. He then told him if he tried anything foolish with the village again that he would be back to kill him. From there he went back to the village. Which held a feast in his honor. He was woke by the little girl in the morning telling him people approached. SO he went to the edge of the village with Mushi to greet them. A coach and four samurai outriders came before them. A magistrate of the emperor stepped out of the coach. He said "Are these the ones that attacked you?" Then out from the coach peaked the evil noble. He said yes those were them. Then started talking trash. Which a quick glare from Hiro put a stop to. (Again with the Bad Ass Ronin cliche) The magistrate asked for Hiros story. Which he received. He then asked the evil noble if this was true. (Useing his Magistrate (5) cliche) The noble admited what he did. The magistrate ordered two of his samurais to take him away. THey quickly produced kusari-fundo's entangling him. Then dragged him away. The magistrate apologised for the nobles behaviour and promised he would be punished. He thanked Hiro and promised to send a repair crew of mechanics to fix Mushi. thus ending my first session of risus.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Time for a change

I figured it was time for a new look to the page. More reflecting the name of the blog. What do you folks think?

Friday, June 1, 2007

Mores on the way. No really I mean it. For real. I swear.

So of you may be wondering why I havent posted any more, adventure summaries or what not. Well been busy as of late. I'm in a buddies wedding. So I've been busy with that as well as him. My other friend is working on an independent film. Then on top of that the comic shop closed. Which is not a totally bad thing but things will have to be reorganized. I hope to do some gaming soon. As I have an sweet idea to run. Following a group of characters through there lives. Till we reach current times. It will make more sense once you read the summary of play. Till then I'm going to make like the cat and get my drink on!