Monday, January 28, 2008

Pickled Eggs

My sixth in the series of my favorite thing. Pickled eggs. Spicy and tasty. A wonderful treat to go along with a beer. No links though. But I suggest you scan the intar-web for recipes. Make some for your self. Hey dont knock'em till you try'em!

Ruben Sandwich

The fifth item in teh series of my favorite things. The ruben sandwich. All that tasty corned beef, sourkraut, and swiss. Doesnt get much better than that. Oh and by the way. I dont really like thousand island dressing on my ruben. I like instead of that, horseradish and spicy mustard. Especially the chefs ruben from Big T's Deli. As Alton Brown would say, thats "Good Eats".

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Glenlivet Scotch

The fourth in the series of my favorite things. Glenlivet Scotch. While I enjoy other scotches this is the friend I keep coming back to. I especially like the 21 year old archive. Though its price prohibits my enjoyment on a regular basis. Learn more here.

Bushmills Whiskey

The third thing in the series of my favorite things. Bushmills Irish Whiskey. Its an exceptionally smooth whiskey. This is do to by law in Ireland a whiskey has to be distilled three times. Good stuff. Learn more about this great whiskey here.


The secopnd in a series of things I like. Boddingtons, yet another tasty beverage from across the pond. You those of you not familiar with this fantastic beer, look here.

Saturday, January 26, 2008


I haven't posted anything in a while. I know again. So I thought I would do a series of things I like. First off to start the series, Guinness. A tasty beverage, for the disconcerting palate.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Iron Man

Sorry been a while since I posted. Have been a little scattered lately. So to make up for it. Here are cartoons from 1966!

Iron Man vs Titanium Man

Iron Man vs The Crimson Dynamo

Iron Man vs Mandarin/Ultimo

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Dry Spell pt 2

As you may remember from the previous session,
"They then approach the cave. Xanth scouts ahead. The tunnel opens into a large cavern. Across the center of which is a tall wall made of loose rocks. Behind this wall are two orcs, and three gnolls. He goes back a tells the others. They all sneak to the wall together. Readying to ambush the evil bandits. This is where we ended the adventure as people had to get going. Next week the conclusion of Dry Spell."

Now the conclusion,
As the players are crouched against the low wall hidden from the orcs and gnolls. Who appear to be arguing about some gambling, game of chance. Phineas and Xanth look toward the entrance to the cavern. They see Gaylen the druid looking at them. He waves and sneaks to them. They quietly form a plan. Xanth sneaks around the wall. Then behind the orcs, and gnolls. He then hollers out to them. "Hey what you guys arguing about?" The group turns to him. They holler at him. Then the orcs draw their swords and advance on Xanth. While the gnolls ready their bows. Staying in place. Well this is also the cue for the barbarians and druid to climb the wall and surprise the gnolls.

Well Xanth makes short work of the Orcs. Hes half dragon. So with his claws he does 7-9 points of damage every hit. The barbarians and druid have more trouble. The druid falls trying to climb the wall. Taking minimal damage. The barbarians climb the wall and attack. They have a bit of trouble. (Meaning they rolled threes an unnatural amount of times. Even missing when getting free attacks of opportunity as the gnolls used there bows against them in melee.) They finally take down the gnolls.

Xanth moves down the hall scouting ahead. While the rest of the group searches the orcs/gnolls and the room. Xanth comes to what appears to be the end on the tunnel. As it looks like ther was a cave in. But it had been rearranged to cover up tunnels to the right and the left. He returned to the rest of the group to tell them what he found.

Meanwhile the rest of the group found a 100 gold on each of the gnolls. That's besides the eight gold the creature were arguing over.

Well they all advance to the tunnel intersection. They proceed to the left. Gaylen cast light on to the end of his quarter staff to light the way for them. The hallway opened up into a huge cavern. With piles of furs and skins on one side. With a large table in the center with 4, orcs and 3, goblins seated at it arguing over treasure. As they rise to attack the intruders. Gaylen casts entangle. Stopping them in their tracks. (I know theirs no real plants there. But I told him I would allow it. So there you go.) The group went to work on them with ranged weapons. Gaylen throwing a dagger back and forth at a goblin. Along with Bartlebys short bow, and Phineas's sling. Xanth tried to parlay with them. Which they weren't very receptive to. Till they had been mostly killed. Then the last orc left cut a deal with them. The remaining goblins at that point were foaming at the mouth, going crazy. They definitely were not OK with making a deal. Yelling slurs and crazy talk at the characters. So they were killed off. Leaving the lone orc.

Well they searched the room and the creatures. Finding 400 gold pieces and a gold bracelet on the table. They then escorted the unarmed orc to the intersection. He told them that Relgores lair was straight ahead. And to be careful as their are traps up ahead. He then left the caves.

The characters moved ahead. The hallway widened, the floor being covered with small pebbles. They slowly crossed this. Expecting, and correctly so a trap. Phineas fell into a pit trap. Taking 9 points of damage. Bartleby lowered a rope helping him out of the pit. Xanth found a safe path across the hall. Which the rest of the players followed. They then entered Relgores lair. A large cavern, containing skins and furs for sleeping on. With two big snake headed humanoids statues in the center. There was Relogore and his two bodyguards. The barbarians advanced and engaged Relgore. While Xanth made short work of the orc body guards. Relgore did not go so easy. (He was a CR5 creature so he was no push over) Even with both the barbarians raging and using there strength of the bull powers. As Relgore did large damage to the brothers. bartleby was at -4 hit points for a little bit. They finally took him down. After a mighty struggle.

They recovered the sponge, the bugbears axe, and a bunch of gems. They took the head of Relgore as proof of their killing him. They returned to town and immediately rode to Bootlums house. The returned the sponge and showed him the head. He was quite pleased by that. Rewarding them the 2,500 gold pieces he had promised.

They then went to the general store. Where they traded in some of the gems and purchasing some equipment. The shop keep was very surly toward them. Especially Xanth, who he was very insulting toward. Saying to him at one point "Ugly and stupid is no way to go through life tiny man."

This is where we left off. With the characters heading to the Inn.

Next time "The Ettin's Riddle"