Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Whats going on

    So I haven't gotten much done lately. I mostly blame William and his Future War Stories blog. Its full of about ten metric tons of awesome stuff. Really gotten me thinking about sci-fi stuff. Especially military science fiction. One of my favorite sf series is Hammers Slammers, written by David Drake. Its really sweet in my humble opinion. Love it.
     Anyways its all distracted me from getting things done. But the sf does mull in my head with the pulp setting. As I have said before it is slightly fantastic. So futurist technology (on a small scale) is posible there. As well as finding lost islands with dinos, and/or man eating plants I dont think would totally be out of place. Not the focus, I would say but should be there. Perhaps kind of like Half Past Danger.
    So lots of possibilities rolling around. Hard to focus right now though. Lots going on in the real world that take priority as well. Loved ones health not being great and work being very stressfull as of late.
    But I have not given up. Things are just progressing very slowly.

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