Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Sample Character

    So I rolled up a quick character for Aces and Scoundrels of the South China Sea. Using the new BH/OSR/what the hell ever system I've cooked up. So here is the character.

Robert "Rocko" DePaul

Str 13
Dex 16
Con 12
Int 14
Wil 5
Per 15
Cha 9

Hp 12

Fishing 1
Small Boat 3
Swimming 3
Melee Combat (Unarmed) 5
Small Arms (Pistol) 2
Mechanic 1
Small Arms (Rifle) 1
Navigation 1
Machinist 1
Scrounging 1
Observation 1

1st Boxer
2nd Sailor
3rd Sailor
4th Pirate

Age 34


So some notes on this character. The attributes were all rolled straight 3d6 in order. All the careers are picked. As are the skills. There is no equipment at the moment. I'm still fleshing that out a bit. So there you go. Any thoughts or questions are welcome in the comments.

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