Wednesday, January 25, 2017


    Man am I glad I do not set deadlines for things. At least things like my gaming projects. I've been reading about a couple people and their failed (Or at might as well be) kickstarters. Failed in the sense that got the money, and then never seem to be able to put out said product. I think to myself thank goodness I'm not in that kind of position. Not that I would ever find myself there. I would like to think that if I ever did a kickstarter the book would be one hundred percent written beforehand. Just seems to make sense to me.
    Now I am not trying to make excuses for these people. Nor am I condoning what they have done. As at least a couple of them seem to have acted in bad faith. But I do not seek to chastise these people either. It just seems like a crappy situation all the way around. The people who have paid (more or less) for a product, with nothing. Then the stress, and seemingly legal issues incurred by the would be creators. Just a bad deal for everyone.
    That all being said it makes me think about my many irons in the fire. I really should get one of them done, if for no other reason to know that it is complete. To be honest I think it would be really cool to look at drive thru RPG, and say hey look there's my game.
    But I'm honest enough to know I'm a long way from that. It would be really cool to be the next James Spahn so to speak. But that takes a lot of work, word of mouth, and my material to be out there first.
    So that brings me to a final thought. The only thing I have kinda done, or that I at least don't want to completely redo is my Viking Hack game. It still seems like its missing something. It doesn't feel like my best work. But is that something you folks out there would like me to post a link to? Free of course. Its labor of love, and obviously heavily cribbed from Black Hack. Well cribbed is not the right word. A slightly different flavor. Anyways rambling aside would you folks like a link?

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