Sunday, December 16, 2007

Rambling man

Well I got some spare time before people start trickling in for my D&D game I run. The Halfling Saga as Documented below. It aught to be interesting to see who shows up. As we got hit with a big snow storm. At least a foot if not more. As it is blowing. Which can make it hard to judge. Anyways on top of that one player I know for sure cant make it as he has a film job down in Detroit. Ones kind of flakey so I don't know if the snow will deter him. I'll probably offer to pick him up. We'll see. His brother who plays with us. I'm sure will be here. Although he did call last night. Left a message about whether we were playing or not. Then the last guy I have no way of getting ahold of him. Except the internet. I'm sure we all know what a pain in the ass that can be. Then to top it off. My roommate has walking pneumonia, and I've managed to catch a cold. Probably the one that turned into my roommates affliction. I don't think that will happen to me though. The progression of my illness has been different.

So it should be interesting to see what happens. I'll run the game. As I have been looking forward to it all week. Funny enough it involves disease too. Its a funny old world like that I guess.

Anyways enough of my rambling. I got something for all you kids in blog land to check out.

If your an old fogey like me. You'll enjoy this,
Defender II
Robotron 2084
Satan's Hollow
Spy Hunter

An old school blast from the past. I need a friggin joystick though. Running some of this stuff with a keyboard is killing my hands. :-p

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ChattyDM said...

Awesome find Dude.

I'll wear my laptop's keyboard on those!