Sunday, December 30, 2007

Magic Items

Well I didnt have enough player to run the session today. Holidays put a dent in everyones time. Anyways in leu of a summary I present this. Magic items I have created for a little fun on the Musings of the Chatty Minions. So here they are.

Truncheon of Justice
Merciful Club of Web Casting
1d6 damage, critical of x2, Range increment of 10', weight 3lbs, Bludgeoning damage.
The weapon deals an extra 1d6 points of damage, and all damage it deals is nonlethal damage. On command, the weapon suppresses this ability until commanded to resume it.
50 charges of Web (as per spell)
Faint conjuration; CL 5th; Craft Magic Arms and Armor, cure light wounds, web;Price: 6950gp
This appears to be a finely turned and detailed club. Tired of losing criminals an fearing the death of a suspect. An honest, and dedicated city guardsman commissioned this weapon to assist him in his duties.
The Woodcutters OutfitIn a rural kingdom a simple woodcutter grew to a posistion of great admiration. Hes saved not only the druids sacred grove, but the Princess, and Queen. Dispite this he remained a simple woodcutter. Acepting gifts of appreciation, but staying in his woods. Keeping the local area safe. Till one day, he just disappeared. Some say he returned to the woods that bore him. Others say he asendended to a fey sainthood of sorts. No one really knows the truth.The following are said to be gifts bestowed upon him by the kingdom through out the years.

Suspenders of Strength
They grant the wearer great strength, adding a +2 enhancement bonus to his Strength score.
Faint transmutation; CL 6th; Craft Wondrous Item, bull’s strength; Price 4,000 gp

Boots of Blanace and Climbing
They grant the wearer +5 to Balance, and +5 Climbing.
Faint transmutation; CL 5th; Craft Wondrous Item, bull’s strength, cat’s grace; Price 6,250 gp

Trousers of Protection
These pants provide +2 AC protection.
Moderate conjuration; CL 7th; Craft Wondrous Item, mage armor, creator’s caster level must be at least two times that of the bonus placed in the trousers; Price 4,000 gp

Shirt of Guidance
This shirt imbues the subject with a touch of divine guidance. The wearer gets a +1 competence bonus on a single attack roll, saving throw, or skill check. The wearer must choose to use the bonus before making the roll to which it applies. Can be used once per day.
Faint Divination; CL 0; Craft Wondrous Item, guidance; Price 1000gp

Cap of the Woodsman
You instantly know the direction of north from your current position. The cap is effective in any environment in which “north” exists, but it may not work in extraplanar settings. Your knowledge of north is correct at the moment of casting, but you can get lost again within moments if you don’t find some external reference point to help you keep track of direction. A creature protected by endure elements suffers no harm from being in a hot or cold environment. It can exist comfortably in conditions between –50 and 140 degrees Fahrenheit without having to make Fortitude saves). The creature’s equipment is likewise protected.Endure elements doesn’t provide any protection from fire or cold damage, nor does it protect against other environmental hazards such as smoke, lack of air, and so forth. Both effects are constant.
Faint Abjuration/Divination; CL 1st; Craft Wondrous Item; Know Direction, Endure Elements; Price 4000gp

Woodcutters Adamantine Felling Axe
Damage: 1d8; Crit. x3; Weight: 6lbs; Type: Slashing+1 Adamantine enchanted axe. +1 to hit and damage. Ignores hardness.This axe excels at attacking plants. Against plants, its effective enhancement bonus is +2 better than its normal enhancement bonus. It deals an extra 2d6 points of damage against plants.
Moderate conjuration; CL 8th; Craft Magic Arms and Armor, summon monster I; Price 11,010gp

Woodcutters Amazing Hand Axe
Damage: 1d6; Crit: x3; Weight: 3lbs; Type: Slashingmagically enchanted +1 to hit, and Damage.Returning: This special ability can only be placed on a weapon that can be thrown. A returning weapon flies through the air back to the creature that threw it. It returns to the thrower just before the creature’s next turn (and is therefore ready to use again in that turn).Catching a returning weapon when it comes back is a free action. If the character can’t catch it, or if the character has moved since throwing it, the weapon drops to the ground in the square from which it was thrown.Throwing: This ability can only be placed on a melee weapon. A melee weapon crafted with this ability gains a range increment of 10 feet and can be thrown by a wielder proficient in its normal use.
Moderate transmutation; CL 7th; Craft Magic Arms and Armor, magic stone, telekinesis; Price 18,306gp
Rod of the Acorn
Detects and locates any nuts in 400 foot radius. Can crack any nut in one round.
Faint Divination; CL 1st; Craft Rod; detect animals or plants; 3000gp
The Hat of Wonder
Hat of Wonder4 times a day random semi useful and useful items can be pulled out of the hat.
1-3% Bell
4-6% Blanket, Winter
7-9% Block and Tackle
10-13% Bottle of Wine
14% Bust of Abraham Lincoln
15-17% Caltrops
18-21% Candle
22-24% Chain (10' peice)
25-27% Chalk
28-30% Crowbar
31-33% Dagger
34% Halberd
35-37% Huge Chunk of Meat
38-40% Ink (1oz. vial)
41-43% Iron Pot
44% Keys to a Volkswagen Scirocco
45-47% Ladder (10' tall)
48-50% Magnifying Glass
51-53% Mirror
54-56% Paper (10 Sheets)
57% Potion of Cure Light Wounds
58% Potion of Bull’s strength
59% Potion of Cat’s grace
60% Potion of Invisibility
61% Potion of Fly
62% Potion of Mage armor
63% Potion of Neutralize poison
64-66% Ram, portable
67-69% Rope (50')
70-73% Rowboat Oar
74-76% Signal Whistle
77-79% Soap
80-83% Shovel
84-86% Tankard of Ale
87-89% Ten foot Pole
90-92% Torch
93-95% Tower Shield
96-98% Warhammer
99-100% Wooden Sword (stats as per club)
Moderate conjuration,transmutation, illusion ; CL 9th; Craft Wondrous Item, secret chest, teleport object, cure light wounds, bear’s endurance, bulls strength, cats grace, invisibility, fly, mage armor, neutralize poison; Price of this artifact is unmeasureable. (As is its silliness)

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Bungee said...

You're totally right about the Hat of WOonder being awesome. It is being stolen. And the woodcutter stuff is kind of BA. I may give the set to an NPC or something. As always, I like!